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Shanaw Before Recruitment

This is a Forest exploration event. It offers the chance to recruit Shanaw to the family's camp.

Inspect[ | ]

It takes you a while to notice her. Black feathers. Carved bones. A young girl, wearing what seems to be animal skins sewn together, looks at you expectantly. Her gaze is intense. Traces of red color her skin, but you can't say if it's blood or dye.

Talk[ | ]



  • Talk to her.


Hello? Are you hurt?

She keeps looking at you, watching your every move. Her pose doesn't look threatening, but her muscles are tense. She seems to be ready for anything. Her grip is firm on the handle of her crude weapon.

  • Keep talking.

I mean you no harm. What's your name?

She seems to release a bit her grip on her weapon, but she keeps gazing at you, and no sounds comes from her mouth.

  • Make a Friendly Gesture.

You crouch and slowly lift your hands, revealing your empty palms. After what seems to be an eternity, she slips her club into her belt and stands up.

  • Invite her to join you.

You point your finger at her, then at you, then in the camp's direction, several times. She looks at you with a mischievous smile, as if she perfectly understood you, and nods. You get back to the camp. She follows you at a distance, cautiously, silent and nimble as a cat. She's now part of your community, for better or worse.

  • Leave her alone.

Note: This option is available at every point during the conversation, and regardless of when it is chosen, the dialogue is the same.

She breathes a little heavier as you step back, but still makes no move. When you turn around one second later, she has vanished.

Note: Despite the way the dialogue sounds, Shanaw will still be in the same place and you can talk to her again whenever you choose.