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Event Picture

This is a Forest exploration event.

Inspect[ | ]

You see a... strange device... Three stone heads on a large wooden structure, tied to some kind of lever in the ground...

You notice a small wooden box in the middle of the device. A cavity is craved on it, large enough to put your hand in it.

Check The Device[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Intelligence, Scavenging

You cautiously approach the strange device. Several possibilities...

1. Check the heads

You take a closer look at the stone heads. They each represent some sort of warrior, with different attributes.

Search (Scavenging)
At the back of the heads, you notice small runes engraved on the stone. You easily decypher the words FOREST, MOUNTAIN and APPLE.

(Hidden condition met)

You don't find anything special

2. Check the lever
The lever is firmly tied to the device. Your only choice would be to pull it.
Not a good idea
Pull the lever
Nothing happens. The lever comes back to its original place.
Pull the lever (after putting dirt)
This time, when you pull the lever, something happens! The box closes and the three heads start spinning around like crazy! You hear scratching sounds in the device. After a few seconds, the heads stop spinning. And nothing more happens.

(Hidden condition met)

3. Check the box

A simple wooden box. Nothing weird here.

Never mind
Pee in it
You pee in the box... Nothing happens. The box is now wet and smelly.
Put dirt in it
You grab some dirt on the ground and put it in the box. Nothing happens.

(Hidden condition met)

Check with your hand
You put your whole hand and a half of your forearm in the box. Nothing.

4. I think I get it... (Intelligence)
You think you have understood how the device works! You need to put something in the box and then pull the lever. But what object should you insert in the box? Hmmm... It must be linked to the runes on the stone heads... FOREST, MOUNTAIN and APPLE.
You decide that a piece of WOOD, a STONE, and a piece of FRUIT could do the trick.
But what is the purpose of this device? Who knows...

Use The Device[ | ]

Okay... Now that you know how to use it... Let's do it! What will you insert first?

1. Come back later

2. A Stone

3. A piece of Fruit

4. A piece of Wood


Solving the Riddle:[ | ]

Depending on the order you insert the requested materials, the machine creates sentences.

First Second Third
Wood You smell fat Drunken Walrus
Stone Your mom blows Forest Troll
Fruit You fight like a Loki in Hel

After you create three Insults ("You fight like a Drunken Walrus", "You smell like a Forest Troll", "Your mom blows Loki in Hel") the machine breaks apart and you can salvage some materials (wood, rope, stone)