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Event Picture

This is a Volcano exploration event. It can occur once per play through and offers the chance to acquire Fire Crystal Fire Crystal, Orichalcum Bead Orichalcum Bead, Sage Powder Sage Powder and Stone Stone.

Inspect[ | ]

Check the rune[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom

Success x2 -> +Wisdom

Fix the wall (only available BEFORE checking the rune)[ | ]

Skills/Attributes: Strength/Constitution/Intelligence; Fatigue/Injury/Depression

Wall Remains: You approach the wall with the intention of fixing what was broken. Surely you will be able to find something hidden under all that rubble.

Wall Remains: You start by removing the rocks that are the most unsteady. No sooner have you touched the rocks that fine hail starts falling.

+ Fatigue Fatigue

Wall Remains: The hailstones are rather small so you don’t really mind them. But the more rubble you move around, the bigger they get. It’s starting to hurt.

+ Injury Injury

Wall Remains: Sadly, the hailstorm is threatening your work on rebuilding the wall: here and there a few rock slides and broken stones can be spotted.

Wall Remains: As you hurry up, a hailstone the size of your fist hits your temple. You stagger from the shock. It’s starting to be dangerous.

+ Injury Injury

Option: Keep working

Option: Abandon work

> Keep working

Wall Remains: You’re not afraid of the weather. You keep moving stones around protecting your head with your arm whenever you can.

Wall Remains: Your arm is soon full of bruises and blood. But you need to climb a bit to reach a wobbly stone that threatens to fall on your work below.

+ Injury Injury

Wall Remains: A second before you reached it, a hailstone fell on the stone. It triggered a landslide on the part you were climbing.

Wall Remains: You lose your grip and fall on your flank with a heavy sound. The bruise will look nasty… But at least you’re alive, full of dust and blood but alive.

Wall Remains: Your gaze wanders on the wall: all your work has been reduced to naught… You stand up and retreat into the nearby undergrowth, cursing.

+ Depression Depression

> Abandon work

Wall Remains: Working in this weather is no use. You retreat into the nearby undergrowth. When you’re safe the hail suddenly stops.

Wall Remains: Your gaze wanders on the wall: all your work has been reduced to naught.

+ Depression Depression

Climb the wall[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Agility, Constitution

  • Wait till the rock fall stop -> nothing
  • Climb (Constitution)

Destroy the wall[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom

  • Give up
  • Take the stone from the wall (Constitution)
    • Success -> +Fatigue Fatigue
      • Take the stone from the wall (Constitution)
        • Success -> +Fatigue Fatigue, + Depression Depression
          • Fight your anger (Wisdom)
            • Success -> +Fatigue Fatigue, +Depression Depression, +Patient Trait for 3 days (+25% to Concentration Skill xp gains) [return to previous options]
            • Failure -> ??
          • Give up -> nothing
          • Take your anger out on the wall (Strength)
  • Destroy the wall (Strength)
    • Success -> +Fatigue Fatigue
      • Take your anger out (Strength)
        • Success -> +Fatigue Fatigue
          • Take your anger out on the wall (Strength)