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Voluptuous Naked Woman

This is a Forest exploration event. It can occur once per play through and offers the chance to acquire Orichalcum Bead Orichalcum Bead and Sage Powder Sage Powder.

Examine runic tattoo[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom, Charisma

  • Decode the rune (Wisdom)
    • Success
      • Try to remember (Wisdom)
        • Success -> +Wisdom
  • Ask woman (Charisma)
    • Success -> Nothing

Lay down[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom, Agility, Constitution

  • +Depression Depression
    • Stand up -> Nothing (?this option not available after Talk To Her and/or Smile?)
    • Try to touch her -> +Injury Injury (?this option not available after Talk To Her and/or Smile?)
    • Don't move (after talking to her) (Wisdom)

Smile[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Charisma

  • Smile (Charisma)
    • Success -> -Depression Depression. It may also affect talking to her.

Talk to her[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Charisma

Be threatening[ | ]

  • Show your weapon -> +Fatigue Fatigue
  • Yell at her -> +Depression Depression
  • Throw a stone at her -> +Injury Injury
  • Think about it -> Nothing happens