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Tribute is a mechanic in Dead In Vinland and is introduced on the second day of the game. The family is required to gather an amount of a specific item to give as Tribute. The amount and items required are preset. The tribute is given to Panel Bjorn Björn Headcleaver's goon, Panel Elof Elof, who will also demand that the family give him a share on top of Bjorn's requested amount. Refusing to give the extra amount will result in a slight increase to Björn's Animosity Animosity level.

The first tribute happens 5 days after the introduction (I.E: Day 7, Afternoon), and every other tribute is 1 week after that, during the Afternoon.

List of Tributes[ | ]

Here is handy list of items that are required for tribute, how much, and what day they occur. See the individual articles for dialogue.

# Date Item Amount
1st Tribute Day 7 Wood Wood 10
2nd Tribute Day 14 Potable Water Potable Water 8
3rd Tribute Day 21 Wood Wood 30
4th Tribute Day 28 Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit 30
5th Tribute Day 35 Wood Wood 40
6th Tribute Day 42 Raw Meat Raw Meat 20
7th Tribute Day 49 Rope Rope 30
8th Tribute Day 56 Raw Fish Raw Fish 20
9th Tribute Day 63 Stone Stone 20
10th Tribute Day 70 Rope Rope 40
11th Tribute Day 77 Iron Iron 20
12th Tribute Day 84 Dried Meal Dried Meal 30
13th Tribute Day 91 Beer Beer 30
14th Tribute Day 98 Wood Wood 60
15th Tribute Day 105 Stone Stone 30
16th Tribute Day 112 Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit 60
17th Tribute Day 119 Raw Meat Raw Meat 40
18th Tribute Day 126 Rope Rope 50
19th Tribute Day 133 Wood Wood 80
20th Tribute Day 140 Stone Stone 40

Every tribute after this will be every 10 days.

After a certain point (when?), Tributes begin to repeat themselves with the only difference being the amount of the item given. The following tributes are known duplicate events. Please check this list to see if the tribute is a duplicate BEFORE adding a tribute page!

  • Tribute 5, 7 and 9 are duplicates of Tribute 3