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"Solveig, The Caring Mother"
Panel Solveig
Class Traits
Historical Traits
Human Pantry, Crying Baby

Solveig, the Caring Mother is one of the characters in Dead In Vinland.

Description[ | ]

Keywords: Thoughtful – Kind – Housewife

Solveig comes from a danish tribe of hardy people. She is married to Knut.

The youngest of a dozen brothers and sisters, the meals were scarce and the punishments were daily in her young days, but the joy of growing up in a large family always warmed her big heart.

When she became of age, she married a strong and handsome warrior of the clan. Sadly, he wasn’t much home at first, leaving for months to rampage and pillage neighbouring rich shores, getting her pregnant each time he came back victorious.

This life was not perfect, but at least she was able to have this big family of her own that her heart desired. That’s until most of their children died from a typhus epidemic and they got expelled from the clan with no apparent reason.

They sailed away with their newborn child to a new, better life.

Skills[ | ]

Solveig's Default Starting stats

Traits[ | ]

Solveig's Positive Historical Trait Solveig's Negative Historical Trait

Combat[ | ]

Solveig is a "Sturdy Civilian". As a "Civilian", she is not a particularly good combatant, but can cause chaos on the battlefield. Like Blodeuwedd and Knut, her special trait Sturdy makes it impossible for enemies to critical against her.

As a Civilian, she has the following Class Skills:

Icon Name AP Row Targets Effect
Sol Better Safe Better Safe Than Sorry 2 AP Ranged Row Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Dodge +30%, Damage Resistance +1 (Self)
  • Initiative -3 (Self)
Sol Disruptive Behavior Disruptive Behavior 2 AP Either Any enemy in any row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • Damage: 1-3
  • Critical Hit: 10%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Swap Row (Targets)
  • Swap Row (Self)
Sol Live Bait Live Bait 2 AP Either All enemies in the Melee row. Effects (1 turn)
  • AP -1, Initiative -2 (Targets)
  • AP -1 (Self)
Sol Encouragement Words of Encouragement 1 AP Either Random ally in all rows Effects (1 turn)
  • Initiative +3, Min Damage +1 (targets)
Sol Desperate Assault Desperate Assault 2 AP Melee Row Random enemy in the melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Damage: 0-4
  • Critical hit: 30%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Swap Row (Self)
  • Effects resistance: -30% (Targets)
Sol Focus Focus 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Remove all AP (Self)
  • AP +1 (Self)
Move Move 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Swap row (Self)

Relationships[ | ]

Note: The relationship section may contain minor unmarked spoilers. Major spoilers are marked and hidden by default.

See Solveig/Conversations for dialogue between Solveig and the other characters.


Solveig gets along extraordinarily well with Blodeuwedd. The two share similar interests and a deep passion for family. They will likely reach maximum opinion of each other soon after meeting, and this extra bonus to efficiency can help off-set Solveig's niche skillset should the two work together.




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Solveig is Knut's wife. She displays a lot of affection for him, but when compared to how open and bubbly she is with other survivors, it's clear that she forces herself to be more reserved around him. Given their starting skills, it is unlikely that Solveig and Knut will work together at camp stations.

SPOILERS: Solveig & Knut
  • Ex-Wife: Knut's foul temperament and loathing for Moira reaches a boiling point in Knut and Moira's conversation ???. Knut will strike Moira, prompting the family to reconsider letting him be a part of the camp. If you choose to let Knut stay on the condition that he apologizes to Moira, he will grudgingly do so. This results in Moira receiving the negative trait Special Trait Icon Angry for a few days and losing a considerable amount of opinion with Eirik, but Knut will remain. Further events between the family and Solveig can then take place, which lead Blodeuwedd to come to the conclusion that Knut is abusive to Solveig. You're given the choice to bring it up to Solveig, or keep out of her relationship. Choosing to bring it up with Solveig will result in her admitting it, and prompt an additional choice: give her your support, or give her a knife for self-defense. Choosing to give her your support emboldens Solveig and, when the family event Spilled Beer occurs and Knut becomes enraged by Solveig spilling a beer she was getting for him, Solveig will speak out about the abuse she's suffered at Knut's hands. The family will again consider kicking Knut out of the camp, with Eirik and Kari being against outright banishing him and Blodeuwedd and Moira in favor of it. Blodeuwedd will say that it should, ultimately, be Solveig's decision. You are given the option to kick him out entirely, or have Solveig break up with Knut but allow him to stay. Choosing to let him stay will result in Knut staying and gaining the negative trait Special Trait Icon Castoff permanently.


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Strategy[ | ]

Below are suggestions for how to use Solveig, both within the camp and in combat, as well as tips. There may be spoilers contained within and they are NOT marked. For guides on other aspects of the gameplay, see Guides.

Solveig Strategy & Tips
Note: Stats have a starting value, and are then modified. They can also be influenced by starting traits. References to statistics are made based on what is assumed to be average for a given character, but might not apply to every player/play-through.

Around the Camp

Camp-Use Tips

In Combat

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