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Event Picture

This is a Forest exploration event.

Talk[ | ]

As he sees you, the short man shouts...

Small Angry Dude: WHO IS IT?! HAAAAAR!!! Bloody cocksuckers! I'll KILL you and FUCK your corpses!

  • Fight starts. Egill gets stronger when getting hurt. He also has a Elite Shieldmaiden and Elite Slaver with him.
  • Egill: His passive, Hot blooded, makes him stronger once he hits 15/10/5 HP. Be careful as these STACK!
15 HP Hot blooded (Angry)
Initiative +1, Max Damage +1, Accuracy +5%
10 HP Hot blooded (Furious)
Initiative +2, Damage resistance +1, AP +1, Min Damage +2, Accuracy +10%
5 HP Hot blooded (Berzerk)
Initiative +2, Damage resistance +2, AP +1, Critical resistance +12%, Max Damage +2
  • Tactic: You should focus the Slaver and then then the Shieldmaiden first if possible. A tank can handle Egill fairly well, as he's not that strong unless hurt. If you have good fast burst you can try to take down Egill first. It's best to kill him with a critical or hard blow from 6 to 0 HP, as he gets very strong at 5HP.
  • Battle loot: +15 raw meat, +3 wood, +1 cheese, +1 pelt, +1 stone

Talk after fight[ | ]

(Horse head from Horse Head quest is needed AND Ominous book from Ominous Writings quest is needed. Wait for night conversation after last quest)

As you approach, Egill spits and start turning red again. He'll soon scream at you and punch things. Will you curse him like Moira told you to? Required skill: Courage, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma

  • Curse him.
    • Courage test
    • Success
      • Intelligence test
      • Success
        • Wisdom test
        • Success
          • Charisma test
          • Success -> Egill will join You! -Horse head, -Ominous book, + Black Magic trait (+10Wisdom, -10 Charisma, +25% to disease increase, -25% to injury increase)
  • No... That's ridiculous. -> Loops back.