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Silent Archer

This is a Forest exploration event.

Inspect[ | ]

It's only after a while that you notice this cloaked hunter.

His clothes make him very hard to see in the forest, and he is quiet as a carp.

Talk[ | ]

The silent man lets you approach his camp. He watches you all the way, a scowl on his face.

Character: Hello? I come in pea-...

Silent hunter: ...

(He shakes his head in reprobation, and attacks you without a word)

<effects> combat (Grim, Elite Shieldmaiden, Elite Berserker)

Talk (after fight)[ | ]

Now that you defeated him, the hunter stays still. He gives you a sad look.

  • Are you with Bjorn?
(he gives you a sad nod.)
  • Who are you?
(he looks away)
  • Would you join us?
(he hesitates, and looks away)
  • Are you alone?
(he hesitates, then nods)
  • Did you belong to a different clan?
(he shakes his head, his face is sad)
  • Did you have a family?
(he looks away, his face is tense)
  • Do you agree with Bjorn?
(he looks away)
  • Do you want to come with us?
(he shakes his head, his face is sad)
  • Can I do something for you?
(he looks away, his face is tense)
  • Are you mute?
(he sighs)
  • Were you born like this?
(he looks away, his face is sad)
  • Did Bjorn cut out your tongue?
(he shakes his head, his face is sad)
  • Hmm... (Intelligence)
  • Failure
  • Success
You're starting to think about something...
  • Are you under a spell?
-5 Intelligence, repeat entire conversation
  • Are you blackmailed by Bjorn?
(he freezes... In his eyes, you can see that he WANTS to say something, but he CAN'T)
Okay, I get it... I'll find a way to help you, I promise.
(he looks away, a tear in his eyes)
  • Are you Bjorn's brother?

Talk (after night)[ | ]

Girl->Father->Are you a father?->Is your doughter with Bjorn?->Did he kidnapped her? (If any other answer +depression)

Talk (after Well Guarded Cave)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Agility

  • Dodge!
    • Failure -> +Injury, +broken leg trait, +10 meat, +10 arrows
    • Success -> +10 meat, +10 arrows, -depression