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Event Picture

This is a Forest exploration event.

Inspect[ | ]

You discover many parchments that look to be abandoned. That's an interesting finding, you weren't expecting this. You wonder who could have left them here, and more importantly, why?

Check the Scrolls[ | ]

Wisdom & Intelligence

You carefully observe the parchments and you notice there are some writings on each one of them. However, you can't figure out what's written: the text was written in a foreign language you can't decipher.

  • Study the Texts (Wisdom)
    • Success: You study the parchment for a few hours, so much so you don't realize how late it is and you're starving to death. But at least, you manage to understand the general meaning of the text. +Hunger, The parchments are used to carry out several rituals to receive numerous rewards.
    • Failure: Those writings are so strange, could this be dark magic? And if is, who knows what could happen if you handle the parchments the wrong way? An evil spell could fall upon you...
      • Calm Down (Intelligence)
        • Success: After some thought, you manage to stay calm. There's no use in panicking like this, since this is probably not dark magic. It'd be better to take the time and study them again rather than freak out and act thoughtlessly.
        • Failure: No, this is way too dangerous! You choose to burn everything so nothing wrong can happen. Condition: Afraid added for 4 days. [Does not remove encounter]

Perform the Ritual[ | ]

(red option, requires successful study the texts) Strength & Wisdom

  • From what you've understood from the parchments, you can carry out several rituals. There are three main ones, which one do you want to execute?
    • Read the strength ritual. As you carry out the ritual, you feel like an important strength surrounds and penetrates you. When it's over, you feel stronger and more powerful than before. +5 Strength
    • Read the wisdom ritual. As you carry out the ritual, a great wisdom surrounds and penetrates you. When it's over, you feel like your way of thinking has changed, and your thinking process is more intense. +5 Wisdom
    • Read the health ritual. As you carry out the ritual, you feel like a great well-being surrounds and penetrates you. When it's over, you feel rested and revived. -Fatigue, -Sickness, -Hunger, -Injury, -Depression
    • Read the three. Why settle for one when you can do them all? While you carry out the rituals, there's a strange atmosphere surrounding you, as if the words you're chanting were creating some force that's way beyond your reach. Have you been too greedy? You wanted to stop, but it's as if you're hypnotized by the runes! You feel your life slipping away...
      • Stop (Wisdom)
        • Success: You manage to break the spell. You feel so weak... But it could have been much worse. You burn those damned parchments. Condition Weak added for 4 days.
        • Failure: Your mind is too weak, you can't look away from those damned parchments! +Depression, +Injury, +Fatigue, +Sickness, +Hunger