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Sea Serpent Bones

This is a Beach Exploration Event. It can occur multiple times per play through and offers the chance to get Bones Bones, Seaweed Seaweed and the special stat boosting item Elven Hammer Elven Hammer. A survivor interacting with this entity risks becoming Disease icon Poisoned or getting a Wound icon Dislocated Shoulder.

Inspect[ | ]

A dreadful sight! You see the remains of what seems to have been a fabled giant sea serpent! You shiver at the thought that such terrible beasts actually exist... With a closer inspection, you notice that its head was severed from its body, probably by this gigantic, masterly crafted hammer firmly stuck into the ground.

Take some bones (x3)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Scavenging, Constitution

You don't really notice it at first, but after breaking free some of the dusty bones of the dreadful skeleton, you start to feel a lingering pain in your hands. And then your whole body. It feels like the bones were once soaked in a very strong poison, fortunately toned down after all these years.

+ Scavenging experience.
+ Bones Bones Seaweed Seaweed
+ Sickness Sickness
+ The participating survivor gains the disease Disease icon Poisoned 1 for 3-5 days.

Take the hammer (x1)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Strength

The hammer is tightly stuck into the ground.

  • Pull with all your strength. (Strength)
You pull with all your might. You swear, you sweat but the bloody weapon doesn't budge. You take a break, on the verge of losing your temper. You take a big breath and try again, with even more strength. The good news is the hammer isn't stuck on the floor anymore. The bad news is you dislocated your shoulder in the process. It hurts like hell.
+ Elven Hammer Elven Hammer
+ The participating survivor gains the wound Wound icon Dislocated Shoulder for five days.
You pull with all your might. You swear, you sweat, and finally you manage to lift it up. You are a bit disappointed that your achievement wasn't accompanied with roaring thunder and a crowd's applause. Still you have a fine hammer now.
+ Strength experience.
+ Elven Hammer Elven Hammer
+ Fatigue Fatigue