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This page lists all the changes to Dead in Vinland made via patches.

1.1[ | ]

Speed up options

We greatly raised the max speed of all the ingame animations, and added more options, so that you can really speed up the game as fast as possible. You can modify these values in a dedicated tab in the options menu, and find your perfect setting.

Skip Mode

We reworked our fast-forward mode into a real skip mode that you can activate/de-activate when you want. Just press the button or right-click anywhere. It will temporaliry set all the speed up options to the max.

Skip Mode for dialogs

We added the skip mode for the dialogs, so now you can really speed up those you've already seen.

New RNG modes

We added 2 new optional RNG modes:

  • A "Statistical" RNG, as we call it, that completely reworks how the success chances for skillchecks, to hit chances, etc... are computed. In short, you now are certain to get a result that will be near the statistical expectation. (i.e. : 80% chances will give you a good result 8 times on 10)
  • A gaussian mode for all the random throws concerning "ranges" (like damages, states increases/decreases, items scavenged...). It will basically make that you'll get more often average values than extreme ones. For example, on a 2 - 4 DMG roll, you'll roll much more 3's, and sometimes 2's or 4's.

These 2 options can be enabled independantly. You can change them on the new game and load game screens.

Ration Changes

Give same water ration to everyone

We added a little shortcut to give everyone the same water ration, and to clear the rations set to everyone.

Distribute food and water rations with right-click

We changed how the right-click works: it now magnetic drags food or water rations in the night phase, and if you left-click a character, the item will be kept in the magnetic drag. In short, you'll be able to distribute a lot more easily stacks of items, without having to drag n drop them from the bottom bar.

UI Changes

Keyboard shortcuts

We added the list of all keyboard and mouse shortcuts in the option menu. You will see there that you can send all characters to shelter with pressing DELETE key, or that you can select a character just by pressing its number on your keyboard.

Side bar sorting options

We added the possibility to sort your characters by state or skill in the sidebar. It will enable you to quickly see who is the most tired, or who is the best craftman in the camp :)

Inventory filters

We added some filters in the inventory, now you can filter by basic resources, food, healing items...

Items overview bar

You can now flag up to 12 items that you want to show in the overview bar, on top of the screen. With that, you can track the current stock of critical resources, and customize it the way you like!

Animosity gauge feedback

We now show the gauge progression of the Animosity Level of Björn when the value changes. You'll now see the direct impact of giving Elof more or less resources, and if you are near of the "point of no return"...

Level Ups and Experience

  • The system now automatically re-rolls duplicates traits.
  • You'll automatically get 1 Battle Trait and 1 Non Battle Trait. The 3 other Traits are still randomized.
  • You'll now be able to re-roll the Trait list! You can do it 5 times each level-up, and you'll get a temporary bad trait as a tradeoff (for now, it gives -20% General XP. Cumulative)
  • Characters now gain a bit of XP when they participate (and survive) a battle.

Quality of Life

  • If you don't have enough beers, the Tavern will automatically revert to Relax Mode.


  • Added a privacy setting button in the option, for anonymous data collection.
  • The saves have been reworked, they should be less corruption-prone.
  • You can now re-use traps even when you catch something.
  • The drag n drop angle in the bottom bar has been reworked.
  • We added a "quit without saving" button, for the save-scummers ;)
  • The saves are no longer destroyed on game over now, even on True Viking, meaning that you can get the "bad" ending and still reload to try and get the "good" ending :)
  • You can now access the Character sheets outside camp.
  • Reworked the starting random traits: their maluses have been globally lowered, but now you get 3 instead of 2. All characters also draw from the same big list of traits, and can get any of them.
  • Added a check so that Eustache and Blodeuwedd's romance won't go to the final level if the player rebuked Eustache at every occasion.
  • Changed the "eat mud" tribute, to reflect if the player always gave meat.
  • Boosted a bit the Elites stacks during retaliations events.
  • After day 120, added new "full elite" enemies stacks and added some random buffs on them.
  • Changed a few runes and storyline dialog trees so that you don't have to start the dialogues again if you fail consecutive skillchecks.
  • Sheeps are now ordered by Health before being given food => the ones with lowest Health will be given food first, which can matter when there isn't enough food for every sheep.
  • You won't be able to lose your fire anymore if you try to boil water and you don't have enough Fire Intensity.


  • Dryer: food dries faster each days (+20%), for each weather type.
  • Dryer: lowered stolen food chances without upgrades from 15 to 10%.
  • Pens: lowered basic milk output from 8-12 to 6-10
  • Lowered a bit the "easy" mode: -20% animosity gains, -10% disease chances, -10% dehydration chances.
  • Loki was completely reworked. He will trade a lot more items with you, and most importantly, he will trade TINDER with you... So now you won't be stuck without Tinder because you used them all :)


  • Corrected the final event for Moira and Gudrun: the wild sheep wasn't removed from the inventory.
  • Corrected some exploits with the Helmet guy and the Cursed Tablets.
  • Corrected a rare bug that made the player stuck in battle
  • Corrected the floating bearded head rune
  • The last tribute won't be shown anymore once you've completed it.