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Panel Parvaneh
Class Traits
Historical Traits
Quick Recovery, Easily Bored

Parvaneh, the Royal Dancer is one of the characters in Dead In Vinland.

Description[ | ]

Keywords: Elegant – Capricious – Dancer

When you first look at Parvaneh, you can’t help but notice how elegant and beautiful she is. She clearly doesn’t belong on an unknown and dangerous island in a group of people trying to survive harsh situations.

Every move she makes seems to have an appeasing effect on the moral of the group, so that will definitely help the most depressed survivors.

At first, she may seem shy, but then she never stops talking, as if she hasn’t talked to anyone for months… How did she end up on this island, and why was she with Yaghoub when you found her?

Skills & Traits[ | ]


Parvaneh's Default starting stats

Genetic Trait Quick Recovery
+50% to Fatigue Fatigue and Depression Depression decreases
Genetic Trait Easily Bored
+2 to +4 Depression Depression each night

Combat[ | ]

Parvaneh is a "Civilian Looter". As a "Civilian", she is not a particularly good combatant, but can cause chaos on the battlefield.

Hit Points/Health: 12
Action Points: 4
Initiative: 6
Effect Resistance: 12%

Like Cisse, Eustache and Shanaw, her "Looter" trait means the party will collect more loot after their victory if she is in the party. Note that multiple looter traits DO stack.

As a Civilian, she has the following skills:

Icon Name AP Row Targets Effect
Par Better Safe Better Safe Than Sorry 2 AP Ranged Row Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Dodge +30%, Damage Resistance +1 (Self)
  • Initiative -3 (Self)
Par Disruptive Behavior Disruptive Behavior 2 AP Either Any enemy in any row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • Damage: 1-3
  • Critical Hit: 10%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Swap Row (Targets)
  • Swap Row (Self)
Par Live Bait Live Bait 2 AP Either Any enemy in any row. Effects (1 turn)
  • AP -1, Initiative -2 (Targets)
  • AP -1 (Self)
Par Encouragement Words of Encouragement 1 AP Either Random ally in all rows Effects (1 turn)
  • Initiative +3, Min Damage +1 (targets)
Par Desperate Assault Desperate Assault 2 AP Melee Row Random enemy in the melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Damage: 0-4
  • Critical hit: 30%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Swap Row (Self)
  • Effects resistance: -30% (Targets)
Par Focus Focus 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Remove all AP (Self)
  • AP +1 (Self)
Move Move 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Swap row (Self)

Relationships[ | ]

See Parvaneh/Conversations for dialogue between Parvaneh and the other characters.





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Strategy[ | ]

Below are suggestions for how to use Parvaneh, both within the camp and in combat, as well as tips. There may be spoilers contained within and they are NOT marked. For guides on other aspects of the gameplay, see Guides.

Parvaneh Strategy & Tips
Note: Stats have a starting value, and are then modified. They can also be influenced by starting traits. References to statistics are made based on what is assumed to be average for a given character, but might not apply to every player/play-through.

Around the Camp
Parvaneh is (PENDING)

Based on raw starting values (before RNG and traits), compared to the family:

Parvaneh ties with Moira for best Beast Handling.

Camp-Use Tips

  1. (PENDING)

In Combat
As with the other Civilians, Parvaneh isn't an ideal choice for combat. Her Looter trait can be used to get a little more stuff, but this is only advisable if you're familiar with the game, have decently leveled combatants with good traits, are prepared to handle the longer combats that bringing a less useful character result in. A byproduct of this is that you will need to spend more time/resources on recovering Injuries, so keep that in mind. It's better to find and recruit any/all of the other Looters instead (Cisse, Eustache, Shanaw).

Level-Up Trait Tips

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Parvaneh is listed as a 'Precise Civilian' despite not having the Precise trait.
  • Parvaneh's writer took inspiration from "Inara Serra" from "Firefly", as well as people he met, in developing her personality.