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Event Picture

This is a Lake exploration event. It can occur once per playthrough and offers the chance to acquire Mimir's Bracelet Mimir's Bracelet, Orichalcum Bead Orichalcum Bead, Sage Powder Sage Powder and Wood Wood. Survivors can gain the positive trait Special Trait Icon Mimir's Blessing permanently.

Check rune[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom

  • Success ->+Wisdom

Talk to head[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Agility, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence

  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask about who is he
    • Constitution test
      • Failure -> +Sickness Sickness, +Vomits
      • Success -> nothing
  • Ask about the future
    • Wisdom test
      • Failure ->+DepressionDepression
      • Success
        • Intelligence test
          • Failure -> +Fatigue Fatigue
          • Success -> New option Go down beard

Search beard[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Strength

  • Strength test
    • Failure ->???
    • Success -> Nothing

Climb down the beard[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Agility, Wisdom