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Solveig & Knut Before Recruitment

This is a Forest exploration event. It offers the chance to recruit Solveig & Knut to the family's camp.

Inspect[ | ]

You see a middle-aged man and woman sitting near a small campfire. Judging from their clothing, they seem to be Norsemen like Eirik and the others. The man is strongly built, but you notice that he's crippled with a wooden leg the size of a trunk. The woman is holding a little baby in her arms, and greets you with a big smile.

Talk[ | ]

Stay where you are and state your business!


I come in peace! Look, I've no weapon. I'm not with Björn's men.

How can I be sure that you don't say that to trick me?


If you don't trust me I'll just get back to our camp, no problem.

... You have a camp? You are not on your own?


We made a camp not far from here, we are a handful of good-willing people.

It's our chance! Take us with you!

Shut it Solveig, let me do the talking. You'll get us killed.


Do as you wish, we don't want any trouble.

We'll follow you to your camp, but you'll have to walk carefully in front of us, at hammer's reach.

  • No way, he is too dangerous

Sorry, we can't trust you just yet.

Oh no! Please, take us with you! We'll die on our own here!

... Good riddance.

  • We need his strong arms

Why not, we need as much help as we can find.

Oh thank you, THANK YOU!


They follow you to your camp in silence until their baby starts to cry. They're now part of your community, for better or worse.

  • We can only accept one of you

Why not, but we can only accept one of you.


It's both of us or nothing. Farewell. ... Good riddance.