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"The Mining Camp"
DiV Camp KariExplo NoUI
Center Right: An upgraded Mining Camp can be seen.

The Mining Camp is a camp station in Dead In Vinland. It requires 10 Wood Wood and 5 Rope Rope to be built and enables the gathering of Stone Stone and Iron Iron.

Description[ | ]

We need stone and iron to make more complicated tools.

Details[ | ]

  • Enables Mining activity for 1 character.

Performing the Mining activity results in Stone and possibly some Iron, as well as Fatigue Fatigue and Depression Depression. You can choose to focus on either Stone or Iron to increase the yield of the chosen item, but you will not gain the other item while focusing.

  • The amount of Stone or Iron depends on if you are focusing on either, and is also dependent on the performing character's Mining skill.
  • The character's Strength effects how much Fatigue they suffer.
  • The character's Constitution effects how much Depression they suffer.

Blodeuwedd's historical negative trait, Stay at Home Mom, gives her a -50% XP penalty to Mining XP gains.

Yaghoub's historical positive trait, Resources Collector, gives him a +50% XP bonus to Mining XP gains.

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades are performed at the Workshop. To access upgrades, you must first upgrade the Workshop with "Study I" which requires x1 Ancient Knowledge and unlocks all Tier I upgrades.

Tier I

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Mining Camp II Icon.png Mining Camp II
  • Enables Mining activity for 2 characters.

With a few more pickaxes we could send two people mining together.

File:Stone Knowledge Icon.png Stone Knowledge
  • Increases 1-1 resources gained when mining Stone.

If we knew how to find good stones more easily, we could be more efficient.

File:Iron Knowledge Icon.png Iron Knowledge
  • Increases 1-1 resources gained when mining Iron.

If we knew how to find good iron veins more easily, we could be more efficient.

File:Mining Knowledge Icon.png Mining Knowledge
  • Increases 0-1 resources gained of each type when choosing No Focus.

Increases our knowledge about mining will make us more efficient.

Tier II

Tier II upgrades require that you have upgraded the Workshop with "Study II".

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Mining Camp III Icon.png Mining Camp III
  • -25% Fatigue gained while mining.

With better tools, mining wouldn't be tiring.

Dialogue Upon Completion[ | ]

This dialogue occurs the night after the Mining Camp has been completed.


I found a good spot not far from here.


A good spot for what?


A mining spot. There are plenty of good, sturdy rocks and an iron vein. That's a good opportunity. If we want to make sturdier buildings and tools, we'll need those.


But it's SO heavy! I'll leave it to strong men, I'm not able to mine these things.


... You could help Moira, I can so I don't understand why you couldn't.


But... You're more... Manly... Than I am.




Ahaha, it's true that mom is scary sometimes.


Wow, stop it right here girls.


Don't be upset dear Eirik. You've married a manly woman, it's not a problem you know.




Let her talk... She's always been jealous of me. I don't know why.


You don't know why? HA! That's the best one. Look at yourself sister, and you'll know why. Good night.




What's wrong with her?


Nothing honey. She's tired. Like all of us.