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Event Picture

This is a Meadow exploration event. It can occur multiple times per play through and offers the chance to acquire Healing Plants Healing Plants and Raw Meat Raw Meat.

Inspect[ | ]

At first, you think it's a simple bush, but upon a closer look, you recognise the shape of the leaves: they are medicinal herbs. It's a blessing you found an entire bush of them!

Take the leaves (x2)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Scavenging, Harvesting

This bush is one hell of a find, you won't be this lucky eeveryday, so you decide to take advantage to stock up on it. You harvest as many leaves as you can.
+ Harvesting experience, + Healing Plants Healing Plants

  • Stop

Judging by the quantity of medicinal herbs you're holding, you think you've got enough, so it's better to call it a day.

  • Take some more (Harvesting)
You decide to harvest some extra leaves. Once that's done, you go back tot he camp.
+ Healing Plants Healing Plants

You rummage again through the bush, but there’s a hidden animal inside that bites your hand, ouch! You roundly pull it out. + Injury

Check the bush (x2)[ | ]

You notice the bush wiggles from time to time, as if there was something inside. It's probably a small animal that has come hiding in it. You set a trap next to the bush before distancing yourself. Once you're behind the trees, you hold on for a while until you see a small animal. Curious, it comes near the trap and activates it. This will be perfect for tonight!
- Wood Wood, - Rope Rope, + Raw Meat Raw Meat