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"The Expedition Camp"
DiV Camp KariExplo NoUI
Top Center: an upgraded Lumbering Camp can be seen.

Description[ | ]

The island is covered in a beautiful forest, so finding trees is not a problem. But cutting trees and bringing them back to camp is.

Details[ | ]

  • Enables Wood cutting activity for 1 character.

Performing the wood cutting activity results in Wood as well as Fatigue and Depression.

  • The amount of Wood retrieved is dependent on the performing character's Forestry skill.
  • The character's Strength effects how much Fatigue they suffer.
  • The character's Constitution effects how much Depression they suffer.

Blodeuwedd's historical negative trait, Stay at Home Mom, gives her a -50% XP penalty to Forestry XP gains.

Yaghoub's historical positive trait, Resources Collector, gives him a +50% XP bonus to Forestry XP gains.

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades are performed at the Workshop. To access upgrades, you must first upgrade the Workshop with "Study I" which requires x1 Ancient Knowledge and unlocks all Tier I upgrades.

Tier I

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Lumber Camp II Icon.png Lumber Camp II
  • Enables Wood cutting activity for 2 characters.

We could send more people to cut trees if we had more axes.

File:Iron Axe Icon.png Iron Axe
  • +25% Wood gained.

If we sharpen our axes, we could cut down those big trees way faster.

Tier II

Tier II upgrades require that you have upgraded the Workshop with "Study II".

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Lumber Camp III Icon.png Lumber Camp III
  • -25% Fatigue gained while cutting Wood.

If we could craft some tools to help us bring back the wood we chop, it would be less tiring.

File:Steel Axe Icon.png Steel Axe
  • +25% Wood gained.

With axes made of steel we could cut down those big trees way faster.

Dialogue Upon Completion[ | ]


This dialogue occurs the night after the Lumber Camp has been completed.


Okay, we have some axes, we have some bags... We're good to cut trees in the forest from now on.


... I'll let you take care of that... I don't have the muscle for it...


You can help too, Moira. You must strengthen your body, you're too weak.


I'm the sister who got the mind, and you got the muscle.


And I got both!


Aha, you sure do child.


Cutting trees is tiresome, but hauling them back to camp even more so. Anyone can help, but don't overdo it if you're too tired. You'll just end up hurting yourself.


I just want to remind everyone that wood is our main resource, for crafting AND for keeping our fire. So we shouldn't overlook keeping a steady supply of wood.