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Little Animals

This is a Forest exploration event. It can occur multiple times per play through and offers the chance to obtain Arrows Arrows, Bones Bones, Pelts Pelts and Raw Meat Raw Meat. To acquire any item beside the Arrows Arrows, you must instead spend at least 1 Arrows Arrow.

Inspect[ | ]

Inside a trunk, you see a family of small furry animals sharing a meal. They look funny; like wild cats but with masks. They take a bite, then clean their muzzle and paws of some sticky red juice.

Steal their Food x1[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Scavenging

If chose to hunt some first, and succeeded.
Now that the masked wild cats are no longer a threat, you can enjoy their feast! You put your head in the trunk and... you get out right away. Their meal... you were not prepared to see a severed human leg with several arrows stuck in it. Those cute looking creatures can steal and eat carcasses. You would never have guessed. You steal a few arrows and get out as fast as you can.

+ Arrows Arrows
+ Depression Depression

If didn't choose to hunt them first, or failed.

You put your hand in the trunk while the animals are too busy washing themselves. You expected to find fruit but instead you feel some fleshy thing inside. You try to make the meat slide to you. The animals realise you're stealing from them and retaliate. One bites your hand while the others get outside and hiss at you.

+ Injury Injury

Hunt some x1[ | ]

grays out "Trap some" option

Relevant Skills: Hunting

You notch an arrow on your bow and aim at the animals. You wait for the biggest to stand up again to clean its muzzle and...

  • Shoot. (Requires at least 1 Arrows Arrows)
The arrow lands in the bark. The whole family of strange wild cats all go out and circle the trunk protectively. They hiss at you and send rocks. They...are quite impressive actually. They are fiercer than they looked at first.
- Arrows Arrows
+ Depression Depression
The arrow strikes the beast right through the heart. The others, scatter, terrified. They disappear in the trees. You approach the furry creature. It's quite big and its coat is beautiful: all gray with black stripes.
  • Skin the Animal.
As you slide your knife under the animal's skin, you realise its coat is full of fleas. They jump on your arms and bite. Ugh... You hurry up skinning the strange wild cat and scratch the fleas off. You end up damaging the pelt. Meh... At least you have meat.
+ Raw Meat Raw Meat
+ Fatigue Fatigue, Injury Injury
You get your knife out and carefully skin the animal. You take your time to avoid damaging its beautiful coat and get as much meat as you can.
+ Bones Bones, Pelts Pelts, Raw Meat Raw Meat
+ Hunting experience
+ Fatigue Fatigue

Trap some x1[ | ]

grays out "Hunt some" option

Relevant Skills: ??? ???