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Panel Knut
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Historical Traits
Relentless, Can't Stay in Place

Knut, the Crippled Warrior is one of the characters in Dead In Vinland.

Description[ | ]

Keywords: Short Tempered – Bitter – Blacksmith

Knut comes from a danish tribe of fierce warriors. He is married to Solveig.

One cannot say that they were very lucky in life. Knut being forced out of the village warriors after he lost his leg during a fight, he became by necessity a bitter and below average blacksmith. He also became very despotic with his family.

Then, their numerous children perished one after another to a typhus epidemic, none of them exceeding the age of twelve.

One day, the Jarl’s guards stormed into his house and bluntly took Knut and his wife to the Jarl, to endure his judgement. They were expelled from the village, condemned to run as exiles as far as possible to avoid a certain death.

Knut never accepted to explain to his wife the true reasons behind their exile.

Skills[ | ]

Knut's Default Starting stats

Traits[ | ]

Knut's Positive Historical Trait Knut's Negative Historical Trait

Combat[ | ]

Knut is a "Sturdy Warrior". Though not sturdy like Protectors and lacking their battlefield control, Warriors are far more deadly.

As a Warrior, he has the following skills:

Icon Name AP Row Targets Effect
Knut Bull Charge Bull Charge 2 AP Either Any enemy in the Melee row Attack
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Damage: [Melee row] 1-3 / [Range row] 2-3
  • Critical hit: [Melee row] 8% / [Range row] 15%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Move to Front (Self)
  • [Range row] Move to back (Targets)
Knut War Cry War Cry 2 AP Either All allies in the current row. Effects (1 turn)
  • Accuracy: +15%, Critical +7% (Targets)
Knut Melee Strike Melee Strike 3 AP Melee Row Any enemy in the Melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • Damage: 2-4
  • Critical hit: 10%
Knut Berzerk Attack Berzerk Attack 3 AP Melee Row Any enemy in the Melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Damage: 1-8
  • Critical hit: 5%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Dodge: -10%, Damage Resistance: -1 (Self)
Knut Wild Swing Wild swing 4 AP Melee Row All enemies in the melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 65%
  • Damage: 2-4
  • Critical hit: 0%
Knut Focus Focus 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Remove all AP (Self)
  • AP +1 (Self)
Move Move 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Swap row (Self)

Relationships[ | ]

See Knut/Conversations for dialogue between Knut and the other characters.





Epitaph[ | ]

Warning: Epitaphs contain spoilers!

Personal Epitaph

Note: the following paragraph is shared between all of Knut's epitaphs.

May Hela accept him on her Long Boat and guide his spirit on the Eleven Rivers of Élivágar to the sacred land of Gimlé.

Epitaph 1

This epitaph occurs if Knut is the survivor murdered as part of Red Splatters on the Ground.

On day ___ of the Exile, Knut was murdered. His body was found in the near forest, his limbs gruesomely ripped apart and scattered around the clearing.

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