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Panel Kari
Class Traits
Historical Traits
Relentless, Can't Stay in Place

Kari, the Restless Adventurer is one of the characters in Dead In Vinland.

Description[ | ]

Keywords: Daughter – Moody – Fierce

Kari is the teenage daughter of Eirik and Blodeuwedd. Quite the opposite of her nurturing mother and quiet father, she lives for the thrill.

Quick and agile, she knew how to fire a bow before she learned to talk. She persistently asks her father to take her with him on hunting trips, as much because she loves hunting as because she hates staying at home with her mother, who persistently tries to make her learn to cook, knit, and whatnot.

She doesn’t have any girl friends. She finds them too annoying with all their talks, talks, talks… She prefers spending time with boys and their warrior’s training, but sadly she isn’t very popular among them since she’d surpass any guy in nearly any physical activity. And they don’t like it.

She is totally excited by the opportunities offered by this new land they crashed on, oblivious of the dangers that lie ahead.

Skills & Traits[ | ]


Kari's Default starting stats

Genetic Trait Relentless
-25% to Fatigue Fatigue increases
Genetic Trait Can't Stay in Place
-50% to XPs for the following skills: Cooking, Fishing, Gardening and Healing

Combat[ | ]

Kari is a "Precise Shooter" who excels in the ranged row, though many of her skills are usable if she is forced to be in the melee. Her "Precise" trait means her critical hits deal x2.5 instead of x1.5 damage.

As a Shooter, she has the following combat skills:

Icon Name AP Row Targets Effect
Kari Rain of Arrows Rain of Arrows 5 AP Usable from Ranged Row only. All enemies in any row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Damage: 2-3
  • Critical Hit: 15%
Kari Evasion Stance Evasive Stance 2 AP Either Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Dodge: +40%
  • Effects Resistance: +35%
Kari Sniper Shot Sniper Shot 4 AP Either Any enemy in any row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 90%
  • Damage: [Melee row] 1-5 / [Range row] 1-4
  • Critical Hit: 30%
Kari You're Next You're next! 2 AP Either Any enemy in any row. Effects (1 turn)
  • Damage resistance -1 (targets)
  • Critical resistance -10% (targets)
  • [Melee row] Dodge -15% (targets)
  • [Range row] Move to front (self)
Kari Hit n run Hit n run 3 AP Melee Random enemy in the melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Damage: 1-3
  • Critical hit: 20%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Move to back (self)
Kari Focus Focus 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Remove all AP (Self)
  • AP +1 (Self)
Move Move 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Swap row (Self)

Relationships[ | ]

See Kari/Conversations for dialogue between Kari and the other characters.


Kari has a strained relationship with her mother Blodeuwedd due to her mother's constant requests to stay at camp rather than go exploring. Out of the family, this relationship will likely be the lowest. And due to their historical traits, they will rarely work together at camp stations.


Kari gets along very well with her father Eirik and generally has near max affinity with him. Kari does well at most of the stations that Eirik is likely to work at, making them an effective pair.


Kari gets along fairly well with her aunt Moira, particularly when Moira teases Blodeuwedd. They don't share many skills, but they are typically the family's two best explorers and Kari usually performs well at Harvesting.

Other Characters






Lady Tomoe

Kari admires Lady Tomoe, but her brash nature will bother the onna-bugeisha. Tomoe will keep a serene face, but shows inward disappointment at Kari's behavior, especially as she tries to teach Kari the ways of a knight. Tomoe pairs well with Kari, as they will likely share many skills.



Kari and Shanaw get along extraordinarily well. The two share a similar age and desire to freely explore and play. Kari will enjoy Shanaw's mischievous nature, though she will occasionally question the severity of some of Shanaw's more cruel pranks.

Spoilers: Shanaw and Kari
  • Lovers: If the player chooses options which have Kari agree and play with Shanaw, the two can engage in a romantic relationship. During conversation 6, the duo will be exploring a cave in the forest. Shanaw reveals she snuck some beer from camp. While drinking and playing, the two will accidentally kiss. Shanaw will then "instinctively" kiss Kari on the lips before declaring a race back to camp, preventing Kari from responding. During conversation 8, the player will be offered the choice of telling Shanaw that she is Kari's best friend, or having Kari kiss her. Choosing to kiss Shanaw will cause them to enter a secret romantic relationship.



Strategy[ | ]

Note: Stats have a starting value and are then modified. They can also be influenced by starting traits. References to statistics are made based on what is assumed to be average for a given character, but might not apply to every player/playthrough.

Below are suggestions for how to use Kari, both within the camp and in combat, as well as tips. There may be spoilers contained within and they are NOT marked. For guides on other aspects of the gameplay, see Guides.

Around the Camp
Kari won't be able to help with nearly any Concentration-related activity outside of Hunting, due to her atrocious starting values in Concentration skills and mediocre mental stats. Her high Scavenging is useful for The Shipwreck while it lasts, but once it's depleted she will only have the Water Supplies to make use of the skill. Her low strength is less than ideal for lugging water around, but her positive historical trait, Relentless, helps mitigate the fatigue penalty from her low score. She's the family's best explorer and can fill in for a few other Endurance activities, such as Mining and Forestry, while other survivors are recovering.

Based on raw starting values (before RNG and traits), compared to the rest of her family:

She has the highest Exploration.
She ties with Eirik for best Hunting and with Blodeuwedd for best Scavenging. She, Blodeuwedd and Eirik tie for best Mining.

Camp-Use Tips

  1. Kari's stats make her an ideal explorer, thanks to her high Agility, Stealth and exploration skill. While her Hunting makes her good at the Look for a fight option, her % chance probably won't exceed some other Survivors with poor Stealth who simply choose to explore. Still, there are likely better jobs for such survivors, and Kari is a far more sustainable choice.
  2. As she and Blodeuwedd are the family's best scavengers, having the mother and daughter alternatingly scavenge The Shipwreck will distribute the resulting depression without sacrificing many resources.
  3. (Requires Vallhund DLC): If you're planning on Exploring or do an activity that results in depression, it's a good idea to have the Vallhund buff Kari with Kari's Doggie. The buff lasts 3 days, so you have room to plan for it. Note: The ability is bugged and actually LOWERS hunting by -10, rather than it's displayed +10 boost. As such, you want to avoid it whenever Kari is going to Look for a fight or use the Hunting Camp.

In Combat
Shooters have high damage at the cost of low survivability and utility. Pair them with at least one front line class, such as a Warrior or Protector.

  1. The Shooter's high single target damage makes them ideal for picking and quickly killing high priority targets.
  2. If the combat encounter only has enemies that are capable of attacking both the melee and ranged row (e.g Plunderers), then you can allow your shooter to stand in the front row. This only stops them from using Rain of Arrows and adds +1 maximum damage to Sniper Shot.
  3. Skill Rotation: Hit n Run. If you have multiple damage dealers (e.g: Shooter + Warrior + Protector), having your shooter dance between the front row and range row (or stay in the front row, see above tip) by using You're Next! > Hit n Run will up your overall damage output (effectively +1 damage per attack per survivor) and allows the Shooter to still deal some respectable damage on their own. This rotation is less useful against stronger enemies with more effects resistance, or in compositions that have less attackers (such as Mystics or Civilians). Once Kari has enough critical hit chance and AP, two attacks of Sniper Shot is better than 1 Sniper Shot + You're Next.
  4. As Critical hit chance is a highly important statistic for Kari, it's beneficial to gain as many boosts as you can. Below is a list of ways to enhance Kari's critical chance
    1. Level-up Traits (See below)
    2. Recruit Lady Tomoe into your camp. Kari will permanently gain Rei Training from their conversations (5%) .
    3. Use a Stone Whetstone (+10% for 4/8 days). Note: while bones aren't easy to come by normally, if you have the Vallhund DLC, The Vallhund can fetch bones for you.
    4. Have Kari successfully beat all skill checks for the final step of the quest Giant Sword Wielding Woman and she'll gain Duelist permanently (+5%)
    5. (Requires Vallhund DLC) Have The Vallhund use Battle Dog 1 / Battle Dog 2. (5/10% for 3/4 days)

Level-Up Trait Tips for Combat
Kari doubles down on the natural focus of the Shooter class: critical hits. She has a 2.5x rather than 1.5x critical modifier. As Shooters start with high accuracy to begin with, you can devote trait picks to those that give crit chance. Focusing on traits that up her critical chance can make Kari the deadliest fighter in the game, easily capable of taking most common enemies down with a single attack.

Gallery[ | ]