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"The Healing Camp"
DiV Camp Rest NoUI
Center: Moira can be seen tending to Blodeuwedd at an upgraded Healing Tent.

Description[ | ]

We should set up a place to heal the wounded and the sick. I'm sure we will need that sooner or later...

Details[ | ]

  • Enables Healing activity for 1 character.
  • Enables making Bandage and Cure Potion.

  • Prepare healing items
Icon Name Components
Bandage Bandage
Cure Potion Cure Potion

You can choose to focus on a specific goal:

  • Focus on disease
Will lower Sickness state of patients by 7 to 12 each.
Adds a chance to remove a random Disease Trait for patients.
  • Focus on wounds
Will lower Injury state of patients by 14 to 24.
Adds a chance to remove a random Injury Trait for patients.
  • No focus
Will lower Sickness and Injury states of patients by 7 to 12 each.

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades are performed at the Workshop. To access upgrades, you must first upgrade the Workshop with "Study I" which requires x1 Ancient Knowledge and unlocks all Tier I upgrades.

Tier I

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Healing Tent II Icon.png Healing Tent II
  • Enables Healing activity for 2 characters

We should make another bed for our wounded and sick friends.

File:Poultices Icon.png Poultices
  • +15% chances to heal a Wound Trait when focusing on Injuries

Those injuries take a long time to heal... if we could somehow quicken the process, we would have better chances of surviving.

File:Beer Flavored Potions Icon.png Beer Flavored Potions
  • +15% chances to heal a Disease Trait when focusing on Sickness

Those diseases take a long time to heal... if we could somehow quicken the process, we would have better chances of surviving.

Tier II

Tier II upgrades require that you have upgraded the Workshop with "Study II".

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Healing Tent III Icon.png Healing Tent III
  • Increases by 5-5 Sickness/injury healed

If we craft better tools for our healer, they would be more efficient.

File:Bandage Knowledge.png Bandage Knowledge
  • -1 Healing Plant to craft Bandages

We could learn how to make efficient bandage, while saving precious resources.

File:Potion Knowledge.png Potion Knowledge
  • -1 Healing Plant to Cure Potion

We could learn how to make efficient potions, while saving precious resources.

Dialogue Upon Completion[ | ]


This dialogue occurs the night after the Healing Tent has been completed.


So... It's time we start tending to our wounds and heal our bodies, don't you think?


Yes... Diseases and injuries are our worst enemies...


That. And Björn.


Of course. We'll have to trust Moira for all that stuff. She knows things.


Yeah, I know, I know... "Burn the witch", and all that sh*t... I know how to brew potions that can heal your body, yes. But for that, we'll need some rare plants.


Plants? We'll have to eat grass like cows?


No my little lamb, even if it may make you nicer.


They have various uses, you can apply them on wounds, take them bodies in water, etc...


I brought some pretty flowers from my last trip in the forest. Do you think it would be of any use?


Flowers... Ahahah... I recognise my sister here. "Face of Flowers" they called you back home. Let me see this garbage...


Oh...! You MAY have found something useful after all. I forgot you were the lucky one.


Lucky? I don't know how it can apply to us right now...


In our bad luck, you still have your dark handsome husband. I'm just alone.


Hey! Leave me out of it, I didn't say anything.


Then, continue to do so.




Let's go to bed... We're all tired.