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"The Harvesting Camp"
DiV Camp Pens
Left: Moira can be seen sitting at an upgraded Harvesting Camp.

Description[ | ]

There's a lot of groves full of juicy fruit that we can f‌ind in the forest. Fruit can be eaten or turned into juice, so they are rather useful.

Details[ | ]

  • Enables Fresh Fruit harvesting activity for 1 character.
  • Enables making Fruit juice.

Fruit juice is simply potable water. By default, the conversion is 2 Fresh Fruit to get 0.25 Potable Water.

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades are performed at the Workshop. To access upgrades, you must first upgrade the Workshop with "Study I" which requires x1 Ancient Knowledge and unlocks all Tier I upgrades.

Tier I

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Harvesting Camp II Icon.png Harvesting Camp II
  • Enables Fresh Fruit harvesting activity for 2 characters.

We could send more people to harvest fruit if we had more baskets and tools.

File:Filtering Device Icon.png Filtering Device

If we upgrade our f‌iltering system, we could recover more juice.

File:Good Shoes Icon.png Good Shoes

If we had better shoes, all that walking wouldn't be so tiring.

Tier II

Tier II upgrades require that you have upgraded the Workshop with "Study II".

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Harvesting Camp III Icon.png Harvesting Camp III

With better tools, we could harvest fruit quicker.

Dialogue Upon Completion[ | ]


This dialogue occurs the night after the Harvesting Camp has been completed.


We'll be able to gather fruit now. They aren't too hard to find, and not too heavy to bring back to camp.


Just be sure to only pick up the edible ones.


Yeah, and how do we know that?


Ask me first...


Pfff, but what if you're not here?


... I'll give you some of my secret. Listen well! First, you rub it on your skin. If your arm turns red, it's not good. If not, you can rub it on your lips. If you don't feel anything, you can put it in your mouth. BUT DON'T SWALLOW! Chew it slowly for a while, and see what happens. If you're still alive, you can eat some. But not too much. Wait until the next day. If you're not sick, the fruit is edible!


... What a pain in the ass! Urgh, no way.


Listen to Moira, child. Or you'll feel a pain in the ass. My axe.


... Don't forget, we can also make juice out of the fruit we gather. When the water is lacking, it can come in handy.