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Panel Gudrun
Class Traits
Historical Traits
Drug Addict, Too Old to Learn Anything

Gudrun, the Völva is one of the characters in Dead In Vinland.

Description[ | ]

Keywords: Crazy – Grumpy – Granny

Gudrun is the Völva of the group. A Völva is a female shaman who can oversee the future and can make dark magic.

She’s the only member of the group who arrived on the island who is here willingly. She had seen what was happening to Eirik and his family, but she also sensed some “defenses” coming from the island. She KNEW she had to come to check out the place. However, she’s not sure how she ended up here, as she only remembers waking up on the beach after searching for the island for days.

Gudrun may seem old and useless, but she’s also a quick-witted woman, and a precious mystic during combat. What will her purpose be? Is she really seeing things related to the island, or is she just plain crazy?

Skills[ | ]

Gudrun's Default Starting stats

Traits[ | ]

Gudrun's Positive Historical Trait Gudrun's Negative Historical Trait

Combat[ | ]

Gudrun is a "Mystic Healer". Mystics lack the damage of the other classes, but have buffs (Prayer to the gods) and debuffs (Uncanny Litany, Ancient Curse) they can utilize to give their party the advantage in combat.

Like Moira, Gudrun's "Healer" trait lowers how much injury your party receives after combat if they were wounded during the conflict.

As a Mystic, she has the following skills:

Icon Name AP Row Targets Effect
Gud Prayer to the Gods Prayer to the Gods 3 AP Ranged Row All allies (except self) in all rows Effects (1 turn)
  • Max Damage +2, Accuracy +5% (Ally)
  • Damage Resistance -1 (Self)
Gud Ancient Curse Ancient Curse 3 AP Either All enemies in any row. Effects (1 turn)
  • Dodge -10%, AP -1 (Targets)
Gud Out of Reach Out of Reach 3 AP Either Random enemy in the Melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: [Melee Row] 75% [Range Row] 70%
  • Damage: 2-3
  • Critical Hit: 10%

Effects (1 Turn)

  • [Melee Row] Move to Back (Self)
  • [Range Row] Dodge +15% (Self)
Gud Uncanny Litany Uncanny Litany 7 AP Either All Enemies in all rows Attack
  • Accuracy: 90%
  • Damage: 1-2
  • Critical Hit: 10%

Effects (1 Turn)

  • Min Damage -1, Max Damage -1, Effects Resistance -20% (Targets)
Gud Surprising Blow Surprising Blow 2 AP Melee Row Any enemy in the melee Row Attack
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Damage: 1-3
  • Critical Hit: 10%

Effects (1 Turn)

  • Initiative -3 (Targets)
Gudrun Focus Focus 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Remove all AP (Self)
  • AP +1 (Self)
Move Move 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Swap row (Self)

Relationships[ | ]

See Gudrun/Conversations for dialogue between Gudrun and the other characters.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Gudrun is a Völva (you can also say vala, wala, spákona, or spækona). Völva are female shaman and seers in Norse religion. Völva had several skills, like Seydr (chamanism), spà (overseeing), and galdr (magic). They were very powerful, and legend has it that Odin himself called upon them to foretell his future.
  • Matthieu, the game’s director, let Jacques (the art director) choose between a beautiful young girl like Morrigan in Dragon Age, or an old hag.