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Gambling Table

This is a Beach exploration event. It can occur once per playthrough and offers the chance to acquire Orichalcum Bead Orichalcum Bead, Sage Powder Sage Powder and Wood Wood.

Inspect[ | ]

Before you stands a massive and crudely built table. It's made of one half of a big tree supported by four logs. The table is flanked by two worn out stools, and supports a big wooden box, which displays a symbol of some sort... a rune. There's also an empty jug, two cups, and a couple of die. These die... are of the kind warriors use to know their fate before a battle.

Examine the Rune[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom

When you look at the box, it becomes obvious that it has no lock, but a metal part with a strange engraving instead. So... what is the key? Look closer (Wisdom) Success: This is definitely a rune, but you have the feeling it's among the most mysterious and hard to grasp. Failure: ? Try to remember (Wisdom) Success: Indeed. It is *PERTHO, the rune of luck, fate and destiny. Its meaning itself is the subject of many controversies. It represents the void in which all things can happen, the unknowable that is yet to exist. Working with chance is not a passive act, we have to provoke it, take risks. If the "what" is decided, the "how" is up to us.

  • success ->+1 Wisdom
  • Failure: ?

Open the Box[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Strength

You take the box in your hands. It's heavy, and looks quite robust. You're not sure what could be inside.

  • Open the lid Of course, no matter how hard you pull or which side you try, it doesn't open.
  • Open the lid (After completing the die sequence)
  • Smash it open Brute force can sometimes be the best approach.
    • Use your muscles (Strength)
      • Success: The box shatters into many fragments of wood and metal. But... you don't see anything inside. Was it empty all along? As you ponder the absurd mysteries of existence, you suddenly notice the box is back on the table, undamaged. What trickery is this?
      • Failure: ?
      • Forget it. Better let this devilish box alone for now...

Check the Box[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Intelligence

You take the box in your hands. It's heavy, and looks quite robust. You're not sure what could be inside.

  • Probe it for a hidden lock. You're probably missing something. It has to be some kind of brain-teaser, right?
    • Look closer (Intelligence)
      • Success: After careful examination, you come to the illogical yet obvious conclusion that the box has no opening mechanism at all. This seems to be some kind of dummy, or a divine trick... If it can be opened, it's not by any physical means.
        • Shake the box. You shake the box, and hear a faint metallic sound. You shake it again, and hear something like... sand? This gets weirder by the minute. You shake it one more time, and you don't hear a sound. One last time, and... a laugh? You keep shaking the box, and each time you hear something different. You decide to put it back before going insane.
        • Forget it. Better let this devilish box alone for now...
      • Failure: + Depression Depression

Take the Die[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom, Courage, Constitution

The following are not done in sequence; after every success, you are returned to the menu. The next time you choose to take the die, it moves on to the next stat check.

  • First Roll the dice. Relevant Skills: Wisdom, Agility, Charisma.
    • 7 and 1. Accept your fate. (Wisdom)
      • Success
        • 5 and 6. Accept your fate. (Agility)
        • Failure -> Depression Depression
        • Success
          • 1 and 2. Accept your fate. (Charisma)
            • Success
              • Second Roll the dice. Relevant Skills: Wisdom, Courage, Constitution