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Fruit Grove

This is a Forest exploration event. It offers the chance to get Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit, Kola Nuts Kola Nuts, Pelts Pelts and Raw Meat Raw Meat. A survivor investigating this event might recover some Fatigue Fatigue but can also suffer some Depression Depression and Injury Injuries, as well as risk becoming Disease icon Poisoned .

Inspect[ | ]

You see a bush full of pink fruit. They seem ripe for the picking. You spot several pieces of fruit already plucked by animals.

Gather Fruit[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Harvesting, Stealth

You pluck the best looking fruit form the surface of the bush. But you see other ripe ones further in, untouched by animals.

+ Harvesting experience
+ Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit
  • Put Your Hands Further in the Bush. (Stealth)
You put your hand further in the bush to take the best looking fruit. You grab a handful when you feel something bite your hand. You quickly take it out. Your hand feels a bit numb now. A few minutes later you start feeling dizzy. Bloody snake!
+ Injury Injury, Sickness Sickness
+ Kola Nuts Kola Nuts
+ The survivor receives Disease icon Poisoned 1 for 5 days.
You put your hand further in the bush to grab the best looking fruit. You take a handful but scratch your skin on brambles.
+ Harvesting experience
+ Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Kola Nuts Kola Nuts
+ Injury Injury
  • Stop There.
You do have enough in your hands already.

Lie in Wait[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Hunting, Stealth

Birds seem interested in the fruit, maybe you can use them to your advantage to catch some for dinner. Or you could try hunting for small game.

  • Hunt for Birds. (Hunting)
Requires at least 1 Arrows
You hide in the bushes, waiting for a bird to come and peck at the fruit. You're awoken several hours later by the singing of birds. You try to aim and realize you broke your arrow while asleep. Well, that's awkward.
- Arrows Arrows
- Fatigue Fatigue
You hide in the bushes, waiting for a bird to come and peck at the fruit. A beautiful bird lands on the bush. You take aim and ground. It falls dead on the ground, still a fruit in its beak.
+ Hunting Experience
- Arrows Arrows
+Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Raw Meat Raw Meat
  • Hunt for Small Game. (Hunting)
You hide in the bushes, waiting for a small animal to come and eat the fruit. You're dozing off when a rabbit arrives. You leap on it! You must have made too much noise, because it easily dodges your poor attack. You end up landing right in a bramble patch. Your face hurts less than your pride.
+ Depression Depression Injury Injury
You gather a small amount of fruit and place them at a strategic point and then hide in the bushes. You spot a little furry thing approaching your pile of fruit. You wait for the rabbit to start eating before leaping on it.
+ Pelts Pelts Raw Meat Raw Meat