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This page will show you the current standard for formatting articles on the Dead In Vinland wiki. If you wish to propose a change to formatting, you must first open that change to discussion. Use the Talk page for this article to do so. Whenever changes are confirmed, be sure to return to this page and update it.

For additional editor guides, please see the Edtior Guides page.

Quick Formatting Reference[ | ]

This is just a quick reference. If you want further details and instructions, please see the sections below.

Spoiler Tagging

  1. Spoilers should not be marked.
  2. Spoilers should not be hidden beyond any special headers or collapsible tables.
  3. The only spoiler policy for the wiki is a suggestion that editors not title sections or events (which are not named in game and instead given titles by editors) with spoilers, so that the spoiler is not displayed openly in the table of contents.
  4. Please see our Spoiler Policy for more information.

Text Formatting

  1. Do NOT italicize.
  2. Replace * with < and > at the beginning and end, respectively.
  3. When transcribing, use bold where it appears. When adding bold to other text, less is more and do NOT add bold to punctuation.

Image Formatting
As a general rule-of-thumb, try to only use images that were designed as a visual shortcut, such as icons and interface images from the game. In addition to sizing guidelines, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Do NOT include "profile images" (e.g linking a panel or character image before the line to their profile)
  2. Do NOT include "exploration images" (e.g linking the exploration IMAGE not its MAP ICON before the exploration event link)
  3. Do NOT include "workstation images" (e.g linking the workstation's UI image before the link to the workstation)

Icon Sizing

Image Sizing Example
Item Icon 35px Wood Wood
UI Icon 25px Sickness Sickness

Color Formatting

Use Color Code
Concentration Skills (Beast Handling, Cooking, Crafting, Healing, Hunting, Fishing) #884A9B
Endurance Skills (Exploration, Forestry, Gardening, Harvesting, Mining, Scavenging) #92c946
Mental Skills (Charisma, Courage, Intelligence, Wisdom) #07b9d5
Physical Skills (Agility, Constitution, Stealth, Strength) #bb270c

Image Sizing

Image Sizing Example
Event Image 500px Tinder Tree
UI / Instructional Image 500-800px Sheep Pens display
Profile Skill Page 700px

Shanaw's default starting stats

Image Formatting[ | ]

In general, the icon images should be used along side that which they represent and placed before the link itself. (E.G when linking to the item Wood you would want to place it's icon Wood right before the text. Wood Wood)

  1. File Type. Images should be uploaded as .png
  2. Item Icon Sizing. Item icons (Wood) should be set to 35px. This is big enough for the image to legible, but not too big that it adds a lot of awkward vertical spacing between paragraphs.
  3. UI Icon Sizing. Icons representing a UI element (Sickness) should be set to 25px.
  4. UI / Instructional Screenshots. These and any similar screenshots should be cropped in such a way that the focus of the image matches the context it is being used for and set to around 500-800px, depending on the default resolution of your image.
(E.G if the image you have is a screenshot of the Gardening UI, which you want to use to visually aid players in your guide to how to use the Garden, then crop the screenshot so that only the Garden UI is visible)
  1. Screenshots. These are images like those shown on Events and should be set to 500px and aligned to the RIGHT side of the page.
  2. Profile Skill Page. These images show unmodified starting stats for characters on their individual pages. These should be centered at the top of the ==Skills== section, formatted as 700px thumbnails and have the description <CHARACTER'S> default starting stats.

To add images, do the following:

  1. Type [[File:IMAGE NAME.png]]. Replace IMAGE NAME with the desired file name. The wiki will attempt to autofill as you type the file name, which can help you quickly find the image you're looking for.

To add extra formatting to images, do the following:

  1. After the file extension (.png), put a bar ( | ) and add the desired formatting commands. Add a bar each time you want to add an additional formatting command, and make sure that it ends with the double end bracket ( ]] )
Common formatting codes:
  • left / right / center: aligns the image to the respective direction
  • ###px: sets the resolution of the image (where ### is the numerical value to set the resolution).
  • thumb: sets the image type to thumbnail, which by default adds a frame, allows the image to have a caption underneath it, and does not allow transparency. Useful for when you want to add a comment on an image.

Text Formatting[ | ]

Generally, we want to follow how the game presents the information when we transcribe that information onto the wiki. There are exceptions to this, however, which have been made in order to improve the experience of both the editors and the users of this wiki.

  1. Italicizing. Text that is italicized in game should not be italicized on the wiki.
  2. Asterisks. Text that is normally presented between two asterisks ( * ) should have the asterisks replaced with a less than ( < ) and a greater than ( > ) at the beginning and end, respectively. The reason for this is that the wiki will turn the * into a bullet point by default. There is a work around to this, which would be to put the tag <nowiki> </nowiki> on either end of the asterisk. Replacing the asterisks simplifies the process at no real cost to the user experience.
  3. Bold. When transcribing, match bold whenever it is presented. When bolding any other content, use a light hand and avoid applying the bold to punctuation marks.

Color Formatting[ | ]

Whenever you're transcribing information from the game and the text is colored, you should use that color in your transcription. Additionally, use the corresponding color code for a skill whenever you are referencing it.

To add color to text, do the following:

  1. Add <span style="color: YOURCOLOR"> before the text you want to adjust the color of
  2. Add </span> at the end of any text you want to color.
  3. Replace YOURCOLOR with either the color name (lawngreen) or the hex code (#7cfc00). For a list of colors commonly used on the wiki, see the table below.
  4. Do not color punctuation marks.

Use Color Code Example Code
Concentration Skills (Beast Handling, Cooking, Crafting, Healing, Hunting, Fishing) #884A9B Healing <span style="color: #884A9B"> YOUR TEXT </span>
Endurance Skills (Exploration, Forestry, Gardening, Harvesting, Mining, Scavenging) #92c946 Exploration <span style="color: #92c946"> YOUR TEXT </span>
Mental Skills (Charisma, Courage, Intelligence, Wisdom) #07b9d5 Courage <span style="color: #07b9d5"> YOUR TEXT </span>
Physical Skills (Agility, Constitution, Stealth, Strength) #bb270c Agility <span style="color: #bb270c"> YOUR TEXT </span>

Dialogue Formatting[ | ]

This formatting is to be used for any dialogue segments, whether they are part of an exploration event or a dedicated conversation event.

  1. Requirements for the event to occur (if it's a conversation event)
  2. Dialogue tag image for the speaking character
  3. All dialogue for the speaking character.
  4. Any state changes, trait gains, etc should be totaled at the end of the given dialogue path before any additional options are chosen. For example, if a total of 5 and 10 opinion is gained during the given dialogue option, then it should be totaled to +15 before any other options are given.
  5. Repeat for all participating characters

An example

Words of Love.

This event only occurs after Kari & Angelico's Event, "Angelico's Life".


Erm... If you say... so... Hey erm... Hello lady Kari... What... Lovely... Hair... you have, today...




Erm... I just wanted to say how you looked nice today. He he. Erm...


Because usually I look like shit? Thank you, "brother".

Kari: - total value change to opinion of Angelico
Angelico: + total value change to opinion of Kari

  • That's cute!


Oooooh... That's so cute...




NO, dumbass! That's ridiculous! Urgh, you... URGH! Go away or I'll punch you.


Erm... Hmm... Sorry...



Kari receives the negative trait Angry for 4 days.
Angelico: + total value to opinion of Kari
Angelico: + 10 Depression

Exploration Event Formatting[ | ]

The following section gives detailed instructions on how to present an exploration event. Other events, as long as they aren't strictly a dialogue/conversation, are presented similarly. These events are the most complicated from a formatting perspective. So, while all the details are here, we advise copy+pasting already properly formatted pages, replacing the appropriate content and using this page as a guide for sections that you might need to add.

1. Insert the screenshot of the event, following the above image guidelines
2. Detail what location type the event is (Beach, Forest etc), if it can occur multiple timers per playthrough or only once and what items can be gained from it. Items should be listed in alphabetical order. Then, list possible traits and finally all potential consequences (fatigue, injury etc). Add links to items/states/traits and the appropriate icons set to the sizing listed above.

E.G: "This is a Forest exploration event. It can occur multiple times per playthrough and offers the chance to gather Wood Wood. The participating survivor can gain the negative trait Special Trait Icon Pyromaniac permanently, as well as suffer some Injury Injury."
This is a '''Forest''' [[Exploration Events|exploration event]]. It can occur multiple times per playthrough and offers the chance to gather [[File:Wood.png|35px]] [[Wood]]. The participating survivor can gain the negative trait [[File:Special Trait Icon.png|25px]] [[Negative Traits#Event Traits|Pyromaniac]] permanently, as well as suffer some [[File:Injury.png|25px]] [[Injury]].

3. In the case where an important note needs to be added to the event, do so below the opening description (For example, the hidden option unlocked for Skull Tree by doing Floating Chest first). Then, fill out the results of that option on that paragraph using the same option formatting as you did in the opening description.

Note: Alternatively, if you encountered the Floating Chest exploration event, and chose to Bury the chest, this event will have an additional red option.
<b>Note</b>: Alternatively, if you encountered the [[Floating Chest]] exploration event, and chose to ''Bury'' the chest, this event will have an additional <span style="color: red;">red</span> option.

4. Detail the entity inspection
5. Starting from the top most option listed, begin to fill out the events. For the name use == Name == , where name is the option clicked from the wheel. In the name, make sure to indicate the available number of times the action can be done (x1, x2 etc)

== Gather Fruit (x2) ==

6. Just below the title, if the option is a red option meaning that the event ends once you choose that option, make sure to note it.

Note: This is a 'red' option, meaning the 'entity' will disappear once this action is taken!

<p style="color:red;"><b>Note: This is a 'red' option, meaning the 'entity' will disappear once this action is taken!</b></p>

7. Below the title (and the note about the red option, if applicable), list the skills relevant to the event. Color code the skill using the color formatting table that you can find above.

Relevant Skills: Agility

<p>Relevant Skills: <b><span style="color: #BB270C;">Agility</span></b></p>

8. Fill in the opening text. As mentioned above in text formatting, while the in-game text is italicized, that text on the wiki should not be.
9. If an option is prompted, denote it with the following:

*<b> Option Name </b>

10. If the option has a relevant skill, include it in parenthesis after the ending </b> like so:

*<b> Option Name </b> (<b><span style="color: #BB270C;">Agility</span></b>)

11. Now, the formatting gets a bit more complex. If the option has any description before the skill checks, it needs to be added before the results of a success or failure. Note that each successive option indents the text by three more colons ( : ).

:::Description here

12. Starting with the failure result, fill in the details by adding description, state increases/decreases, item gains and traits. All state changes, item gains and traits should be listed at the end of the descriptive text, even if in game they are technically separated. It makes for an easier reading experience.

You keep your calm, and untie some of the skulls. One is tangled. You manage to untangle it and it's like an avalanche of bones falling on you. You're knocked out for a minute. When you recover, you have plenty of skulls to gather. Was worth the bump on your head.
+ Bones Bones
+ Injury Injury
You keep your calm, and untie some of the skulls. Nothing happens.
+ Bones Bones Rope Rope

13. If you encounter another option, repeat the initial formatting step, and intent the content following it by three more colons. All content after that is then also indented by three more colons.
14. Repeat for the successful outcome and all other options.