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Event Picture

This is a Forest exploration event. It can occur multiple times per play through and offers the chance to get Cheese Cheese Dried Fruit Dried Fruit Dried Meal Dried Meal Fabric Fabric and the special stat boosting item: Magic Pouch Magic Pouch, but survivors may also suffer some Depression Depression.

Inspect[ | ]

A medium sized purse is sitting on rocks. There's no trace of its owner

Open (x1)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Intelligence

You open the purse and find dried meat, fruit, and cheese. You approve of the choice. You only need bread and wine for it to be the perfect meal.

  • Take It (Intelligence)
You promise yourself you will only eat half of your findings. You take one bite and it tastes so good! Reminds you of pleasant memories at home. You end up eating the whole meal. Oh... well... you hope no one will notice you're not hungry tonight...
- Depression Depression
It looks tasty but you should resist temptation and share your findings with everyone. That's only fair.
+ Cheese Cheese, Dried Fruit Dried Fruit, Dried Meal Dried Meal, Magic Pouch Magic Pouch
- Hunger Hunger

Look For Owner (x1)[ | ]

Whoever left their purse here intended to come back. You search the surroundings for clues. You don't have to search for long. You find two rotting bodies entangled hidden in a shrub. Their skulls have been smashed, probably by an axe. Not far away from them lies some clothing. It's easy for you to imagine what happened to the couple.

+ Fabric Fabric
+ Depression Depression