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"The Forge"
DiV Camp Tavern
Right: An upgraded Forge can be seen.

Description[ | ]

With this forge and diverse tools, we'll be able to craft useable items and crafting components.

Details[ | ]

  • Enables Crafting activity for 1 character.

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrades are performed at the Workshop. To access upgrades, you must first upgrade the Workshop with "Study I" which requires x1 Ancient Knowledge and unlocks all Tier I upgrades.

Tier I

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Forge II Icon.png Forge II
  • Enables crafting activity for 2 characters.

Crafting things alone is harder; you always need a good apprentice to help you.

File:Stone Forge Icon.png Stone Forge
  • -25% Fatigue for characters while crafting.

With better equipment, crafting objects would be less tiring.

Tier II

Tier II upgrades require that you have upgraded the Workshop with "Study II".

Icon Name Effect Cost Description
File:Forge III Icon.png Forge III
  • +25% Crafting speed.

With better equipment, we could craft objects faster.

Dialogue Upon Completion[ | ]


This dialogue occurs the night after the Forge has been completed.


Hey everyone. Please listen. We've set up some tools and an area where we can work on crafting new things. First, we can make arrows and traps. Very important if we want to keep hunting.


Yes. Next, we can weave ropes and fabric from hemp and wool. These are essentials for the buildings we want to build on the camp.


And then, we can also craft leather bottles and different potions. I'll tell you the ingredients. You'll see, it's not complicated. But it can be a real life saver.


Yeah, yeah... And what about weapons?


We'll make some too... If we find enough iron. You can make good steel out of iron, just with a little charcoal. Here... We can use... Bones. It's creepy, but it works.


Oh joy! We'll be able to name our weapons out of the names of the guys we use the bones from. "Look, I'm wielding Björn's sword! It'll cut your head in half, and take all your wood!"