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Fishing Spot

This is a Lake exploration event. It offers the chance to obtain Raw Fish Raw Fish and Mimir Bracelet Mimir's Bracelet. A survivor successfully investigating this event will have several chances to recover some Depression Depression. Additionally, a survivor can find one of the following: Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge, Fire Crystal Fire Crystal or Luck Charm Luck Charm.

Inspect[ | ]

You see juicy little fish swirling on the water's surface here. Who knows what lured them specifically here? You just know that they make an easy target...

Go Fishing (x1)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Fishing

Requires at least 1 Fish Bait

You cast your line and brace yourself to spend the rest of the day waiting for fish to nibble on the bait. Or so you thought.... it bit right away! It's as if these dumb fish were literally jumping into your cooking pot!

  • Reel In.
You reel the fish in. It's big and shiny. You can’t wait for tonight’s dinner.
+ Raw Fish Raw Fish

  • Aim for a bigger target. (Fishing)
You use the fish already hooked to your line to attract a larger prey. Once again, you don't have to wait for long. You start to reel the fish in... WOW! by all gods! It is so big! It takes some effort but there it is: 30cm of marine delicacy. A silver bracelet is tangled around its body.
+ Raw Fish Raw Fish Mimir Bracelet Mimir's Bracelet
- Depression Depression
You use the fish already hooked to your line to attract larger prey. Once again, you don't have to wait for long. You start to reel the fish in...WOW! by all gods! it is so big! Reeling it in proves quite difficult. You're halfway done when the line breaks. Goodbye dinner.
+ Depression Depression

Handcatch Some Fish (x2)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Stealth, Agility

Amount of Raw Fish gained is dependant on the investigating survivor's score in the relevant skills.

You jump in the river, where you can touch the bottom, and stand still, waiting for fish to approach. You spot one large enough and, when it's near enough you leap toward the fish. The good news is you didn't hurt yourself in the process. The bad news is that all the fish swam away because of the swirls you made... Well... at least you had fun.

+ Raw Fish Raw Fish

Dive (x1)[ | ]

Note: This is a 'red' option, meaning the 'entity' will disappear once this action is taken!

Relevant Skills: Intelligence

FRESH WATER!!! You don't think twice as you quickly strip and jump into the river. It feels good, albeit colder than expected.

  • Search the waterbed.
You take a deep breath and dive. The water is rather clear. On the bottom you spot several rocks and algae stuck in the mud. Small fish too. As you disturb the mud, something shiny catches your eye. You grasp it and swim back up. Your wet break was productive after all.
- Depression Depression

  • Relax.
With all the things that have happened since you got here, you never really had any time for yourself. You deserve a rest. You float around lazily for the rest of the day.
- Depression Depression Fatigue Fatigue