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Unexplored Map

The in game map, unexplored. The blue flag marks where the survivors will be exploring next.

Exploration Events occur after your character has successfully explored an area of the island. Unlike other events, these only occur when you initiate them by going to the area and choosing an action from the action wheel. Once discovered, exploration events will remain until you exhaust their available actions, so your characters can rest before attempting skill checks.

Some events are always located in certain locations on the map. See the section at the bottom of this page.

Beach Events[ | ]

Forest Events[ | ]

Lake Events[ | ]

Meadow Events[ | ]

Orichalcum Bead Events[ | ]

Each of these events yields an Orichalcum Bead which is necessary to progress the Strange Blue Woman with Cats questline.

Recruitment Events[ | ]

Volcano Events[ | ]

Plot Events[ | ]

Location Guide[ | ]

This section provides written descriptions of where noteworthy locations can be found. All directions should be given assuming the starting position is the camp and given in the format of north (up), west (left), east (right), south (down).

While which companion is at a location is random, the location where you can find companions is pre-set.

  • 1st Location: West x2
  • 2nd Location: North x3, East x1
  • 3rd Location: North x4, West x1
  • 4th Location: North x5, East x2
  • 5th Location: North x5. West x3
  • 6th Location: North x8, East x3
  • 7th Location: North x8, West x2
  • 8th Location: North x10, West x4

Plot Event Locations

  • The "Strange Blue Woman with Cats" event is always North x2, West x2

Gallery[ | ]