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Panel Elof

Elof is a character in Dead In Vinland. He is one of Björn Headcleaver's goons and is responsible for collecting tribute from the inhabitants of the island.

Description[ | ]

The man on the mule was wearing somewhat fancy linen clothes, but ruined by the dirt and a puzzling sense of bad taste.

~ Description of Elof given on the first meeting.

Elof and his mule are responsible for collecting tribute from all the inhabitants of the island. He has a crude sense of humor and seems to delight in working for Björn.

He has a habit of calling people by various nicknames, typically "little" followed by the name of an animal, such as in the family's first meeting of him where he calls them "little ponies".

Elof requests a share of whatever tribute he is collecting. If you refuse to give him his share, Bjorn's animosity level is increased. Giving him his share decreases the animosity level.

Reeking Elof

Elof sitting in front of his hut.

Elof will occasionally offer the family opportunities to collect the rest of their tribute at the last minute. An example would be during the 4th Tribute, where Elof will proclaim that the tribute amount has increased by 10. He offers to let the family scramble to get an additional 10. These 'generous' offers often come with a twisted price, however, and he will sometimes ask the family to do demeaning things, such as eating mud.