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Dirty Clothes SS

This is a Beach exploration event. It can occur multiple times per play through and offers the chance to get Fabric Fabric, Kola Nuts Kola Nuts and Wood Wood, as well as potentially the following special items: Loki's Cape Loki's Cape and Vidar's Shoes Vidar's Shoes.

Inspect[ | ]

You see a bunch of dirty clothes on a makeshift drying pole. Judging from the very, VERY bad scent coming from them, you don't expect to see a naked angry man reclaiming them anytime soon if you steal them.

Take the Clothes[ | ]

Note: This is a 'red' option, meaning the 'entity' will disappear once this action is taken!

Relevant Skills: Scavenging

It's not a theft when you take someone else's garbage, is it?

  • Take the clean ones only.
You carefully check the clothes and only take the ones that don't smell like hell, just the ones that smell... Bad.
+ Scavenging Experience.
+ Fabric Fabric
+ Loki's Cape Loki's Cape
  • Take everything.
You quickly take everything you can. While carrying your loot back to camp, you feel the back of your neck itching. Ugh! Some of the clothes were covered in mould and worms and whatnot! You throw up, clean your mouth with a dirt covered sleeve, and resume walking, sick of this life.
+ Scavenging experience
+ Fabric Fabric
+ Depression Depression Sickness Sickness
+ The survivor gains the negative trait Special Trait IconStinky temporarily.

Search for the Owner[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Stealth

Those clothes may have been put to dry aeons ago but they were not put there by themselves. You decide to investigate what happened to the owner. You follow the sound of water to a small river. The owner lies there, crushed by a fallen tree. You soon find the cause of his predicament: a beaver dam stands across the riverbed. Death by beavers... what an unlucky bloke!

  • Search the Dam (Stealth)
Well, at least you found an easy wood stockpile. You get as much wood as you can, weary of the furry residents. Eventually the furry residents of the dam notice your prescene and start attacking you. You return to the drying pole dodging rocks.
+ Wood Wood
+ Fatigue Fatigue Injury Injury
Well, at least you found an easy wood stockpile. You get as much wood as you can, weary of the furry residents.
+ Wood Wood
+ Fatigue Fatigue
  • Search the Corpse
The corpse is stuck under the heavy trunk, a basket full of laundry scattered near. Most of its content is tainted with blood, brain tissue, and animal filth. Touching it makes you feel nauseous but you keep going. Your restraint actually pays off as you find something of interest, at last.
+ Sickness Sickness
+ Vidar's ShoesVidar's Shoes Kola Nuts Kola Nuts