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Combat is one of the primary mechanics of the game. Combat is most commonly encountered by exploring the island and can be raised or lowered via player choice, either through adjusting the encounter rates when creating a new game or by choosing Focus on Stealth (lowering the chance of a combat encounter) or by choosing Look for a fight (raising the chance of a combat encounter) when exploring the island. The participating survivor(s) skill at Stealth further decrease the likelihood of encountering a fight while exploring.

How it Works[ | ]

Combat is turn based. The turn order is determined by each character's initiative (see below). During a player's turn, the player can perform a few different actions:

The character can move forward or backward, into whichever row they don't currently occupy.
Grants +1 action point (see below) for the next turn.
Use a combat ability
The type of abilities available depends on what class the character is.

The goal of combat is to lower the health of every opposing combatant to 0. Once this is done, you are presented with a summary of damage done to your characters which results in Injury and potential wounds. You are also shown the spoils of the combat, which are immediately added to your inventory.


A character's initiative determines their turn order. The higher the initiative, the earlier the character acts in each round. Each character has a starting initiative and from there, it can be raised or lowered with various traits, items, combat abilities and states. Eirik and Yaghoub's Fast trait grants them a +1 bonus to initiative each time they deal damage in a turn.

Action Points

Action Points can be thought of as a type of currency. You spend action points to perform actions in combat. You can gain action points through the focus action, or via buffs and traits.