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Body Drilled with Arrows

This is a Meadow exploration event.

Inspect[ | ]

You stumble upon a corpse drilled with arrows. It was shot from behind. A strange blue marking is carved onto its skull.The rotting corpse is surrounded by skulls impaled on arrows. You wonder where all the other bones went. Did someone steal them? But moreover, you wonder how the skulls ended up impaled this way.

Retrieve arrows (x2)[ | ]

Associated skills: Scavenging

Most of the arrows aren't broken. You "just" need to retrieve them, sharpen their heads and they will be good as new! Easy... if they were not stuck into bones...

Pull[ | ]

Associated skills: Scavenging +20

  • Success

You put both hands on the shaft of an arrow and pull. The arrow comes out intact. Great!

+ Arrows Arrows

+ Scavenging experience

  • Failure


Examine the corpse (x1)[ | ]

Associated skills: Courage

You approach the strange looking corpse. There's no cloth left except a cobalt blue loincloth. A golden bracelet circles the corpse's right wrist. Most of its skin has already been eaten by rodents, except for its right arm and a thin layer of skin on the skull. The arm bears traces of faded ink. But ut's nothing compared to the head... A strange symbol is carved into the bone! Azure pigment taints both skin and bone. Must have been very painful.

Touch the marking[ | ]

You feel the marking getting warm as you touch it. You remove your finger, shocked, and pause. Where you touched it, the azure paint faintly glows. You look at your finger and see nothing unusual.

Touch again[ | ]

You don't understand what's happening but you touch the marking again. Both warmth and glow intensify as you run your finger on it. This time your finger glows a little. You don't know why but you end up tracing the same symbol onto your face. You feel... odd but not in a bad way. Like if you discovered something.

+ Wise from Positive Traits

- Hunger Hunger

- Depression Depression

- Injury Injury

- Sickness Sickness

You look back at your finger. The glow disappeared. It did on the skull too. Odd...

Steal the bracelet[ | ]

Associated skill: Courage

  • Success

The bracelet is clutched tight around the wrist of the corpse. You pull all your might and break the wrist. The bracelet slides on the ground. You pick up the bracelet.Your left eye itches. As you rub it with the back of your hand. Your vision starts to blur. Soon you can't see anything from your left eye.

+ Special Trait Icon Blinded

SHIT. Was the bracelet coated in poison? The corpse is old, the poison should fade soon, right? You hope it will. You rub the bracelet on your clothes to remove all remaining poison and store it in your pouch. Those hands are bonna need washing as well... *sigh*

+ Mimir's Bracelet Mimir's Bracelet

  • Failure


Take some bones (x2)[ | ]

Associated skills: Scavenging, Wisdom

You don't feel any remorse when you pull out bones fromt he corpse. Have to do what one can to survive.

+ Bones Bones

+ Rotten Food Rotten Food

+ Scavenging experience

You just shiver at the thought that if you die on this cursed island, your bones could be used as mere tools for another survivor...

+ Depression Depression