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"Blodeuwedd, "Face of Flowers""
Panel Blodeuwedd
Class Traits
Historical Traits
Healthy Body, Stay At Home Mom

Blodeuwedd, the Welsh Princess is one of the characters in Dead In Vinland.

Description[ | ]

Keywords: Wife – Benevolent – Protective

Blodeuwedd – “Face of Flowers” in Welsh – was born daughter of a small clan’s chief, whose lands were raided and pillaged by Eirik’s Jarl when she was a child. She and her sister were taken captives, as it was customary at the time, and adopted by a noble Northerner.

Thanks to her natural charisma, she blended quite well in the Viking society, marrying a good guy named Eirik and having a lovely child with him.

Having lost her relatives once, she became very protective of the new family she managed to build, taking care of everyone and everything at home.

She favors diplomatic approach and gentle solutions, but threaten her family and you’ll see fire in her eyes. And her axe in yours.

Skills & Traits[ | ]


Blodeuwedd's Default starting stats

Genetic Trait Healthy Body
-25% to Sickness Sickness increases
Genetic Trait Stay At Home Mom
-50% to XPs for the following skills: Mining, Forestry, Exploration and Hunting.

Combat[ | ]

Blodeuwedd is a "Sturdy Protector". While not as deadly as a Warrior, Protectors offer some more battlefield control (Taunt) and can protect other party members by taking some of the damage dealt to that party member upon themselves (Guard), or by buffing their dodge and critical resistance (Impenetrable Wall). Blodeuwedd's special trait, Sturdy, makes it impossible for enemies to critical against her, giving her extra survivability.

  • Note: The critical immunity from her special trait does NOT prevent her from taking critical damage if the person she was guarding receives the critical hit.

As a Protector, she has the following skills:

Icon Name AP Row Targets Effect
Blod Turtle Strike Turtle Strike 2 AP Either Any enemy in the Melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Damage: 1-3
  • Critical Hit: 10%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Damage resistance +1 (self)
Blod Impenetrable Wall Impenetrable Wall 2 AP Either Any ally in any row. Effects (1 turn)
  • Dodge +25%, Critical resistance +10% (Targets)
Blod Shield Bash Shield Bash 3 AP Melee Row Any enemy in the Melee row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Damage: 2-3
  • Critical Hit: 15%

Effects (1 turn)

  • AP -1 (Targets)
Blod Guard Guard 3 AP Melee Row Any ally (except self) in any row. Effects (1 turn)
  • Guard (Targets)
  • Damage resistance +1 (Targets)
Blod Taunt Taunt 3 AP Melee Row Any enemy in any row. Attack
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Damage: 2-2
  • Critical hit: 10%

Effects (1 turn)

  • Move to front (Targets)
  • Dodge -5%, Accuracy -5% (Targets)
Blodeuwedd Focus Focus 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Remove all AP (Self)
  • AP +1 (Self)
Move Move 1 AP Any Self Effects (1 turn)
  • Swap row (Self)

Relationships[ | ]

See Blodeuwedd/Conversations for dialogue between Blodeuwedd and the other characters.

Blodeuwedd's gentle nature makes it easy for her to get along with her family members, though her insistence that Kari should stay at the camp and do more "womanly" things creates friction between the mother and daughter.


Blodeuwedd gets along well with her husband, Eirik, and will typically have near max affinity with him. They aren't very likely to work together at camp stations, however.


While the sisters clearly love each other, there is tension between them. Moira seems jealous of her sister and will tease Blodeuwedd about the very things she is envious of. This often results in Moira being Blodeuwedd's lowest familial relationship. They will likely be a good pair for Harvesting, though the relationship will impede the efficiency.


The mother and daughter have a strained relationship due to Blodeuwedd's constant requests for Kari to stay at camp rather than go exploring. Due to their historical traits, they will rarely work together at camp stations.

Other Characters


Blodeuwedd adores Angelico, even going so far as to say "I like him. He's like the son I never had." during the family's evaluation of him. As Angelico is not strong like Eirik nor adventurous like Kari, he gladly offers his assistance to Blodeuwedd, who is happy to have a helping hand around camp. He also shares some of his faith's teachings with Blodeuwedd, at her request.





Lady Tomoe





Strategy[ | ]

Note: Stats have a starting value, and are then modified. They can also be influenced by starting traits. References to statistics are made based on what is assumed to be average for a given character, but might not apply to every player/play-through.

Below are suggestions for how to use Blodeuwedd, both within the camp and in combat, as well as tips. There may be spoilers contained within and they are NOT marked. For guides on other aspects of the gameplay, see Guides.

Around the Camp
Blodeuwedd is perhaps the most versatile of the starting survivors, with decent scores in both Mental and Physical stats. Because of her generally even stat allotment and starting skills, she can fill-in for most activities. Once you have access to the Cooking Pot, Blodeuwedd will find herself primarily cooking unless you happen to have found and recruited a survivor that has similar stats in cooking before completing the pot.

Based on raw starting values (before RNG and traits), compared to the rest of her family:

She has the highest Cooking.
She ties with Eirik for best Crafting and with Kari for best Scavenging. She, Eirik and Kari tie for best Mining.

Camp-Use Tips

  1. Unless RNG puts her significantly behind Eirik in Crafting skill, it is arguably preferable to make Blodeuwedd your primary crafter. The reason is because Eirik is the family's best Forester and likely their best Miner, as well. Blodeuwedd can fulfill these duties, but her historical trait Stay at Home Mum penalizes how much XP she gains doing these activities, which will stunt her growth in those skills and make her less efficient overall. Making Blodeuwedd your primary crafter frees Eirik to do these tasks, which he is likely to be the most efficient at.
  2. When allotting food, remember that Blodeuwedd's positive historical trait Healthy Body reduces the amount of sickness she gains by 25%. If you don't have enough cooked or preserved food for everyone, and Blodeuwedd isn't excessively more hungry than other survivors, you can feed her raw foods and allot the higher quality foods to others.

In Combat
Protectors sacrifice damage for survivability and support. When sending in a Protector, off-set their low damage output with a Shooter or Warrior.

  1. The Damage Resistance from Guard works with the Damage Resistance gained from Turtle Strike, as Guard provides damage resistance to the target, while Turtle Strike buffs the Protector. If used together like this, the Protector nets -2 damage from attacks when their guarded target is hit.
  2. Look to use the -AP from Shield Bash to prevent an enemy from using a powerful ability or a chain of abilities. (e.g the Plunderer's Insult > Axe Throw)
  3. Drag enemies that are reliant on being in the ranged row, or who have powerful ranged-row only abilities, to the front line with Taunt.

Level-Up Trait Tips
Blodeuwedd is immune to critical hits, meaning you can safely take any Trait that lowers critical resistance (Morbid Gambler, Sneaky Bastard, Unflinching) and should avoid taking traits that add critical resistance (Critical resistance +8%). Protectors don't have a lot of damage to start with, so focusing on Traits that add survivability (Agile Duelist, Damage resistance +1, Dancing Dagger, Dodge +5%, Effects resistance +15%, Finesse) is a viable choice.

Gallery[ | ]