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Bjorn Camp Entrance

This is a Meadow exploration event.

Inspect[ | ]

Bjorn's camp is crudely but efficiently protected by a large wooden wall. The atmosphere is grim around the large, only door. Remains of bloody battles can be seen in every corner. A pair of skulls from Bjorn's collection are hanging on the door. Creepy.

Talk[ | ]


You hail a the door. After a while, you hear some agitation behind the closed wall. Suddenly, a fearsome figure appears on top of the wall. Björn.

Wazzat??? Who wants to DIE today?! HARHAR.


Erm... Me.

Wot do ya want, wimp? Shouldn't ya been workin' yer ass off ta bring me mah tribute? HAR HAR HAR!

Challenge him</b

Leads to a fight with only Björn. Also increases animosity towards him.
Outcome/Rewards ???

Beg for mercy</b


Erm... Sorry to disturb you, Björn. But we are barely surviving on our own... Could you have mercy on us and stop the tributes? If not, we'll die...

... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ya filthy bag of troll shit! Ya think just asking nicely will let ya live?! AH! Ya disgust me... F'cking wimp, yar so weak that I could wipe mah ass with ya and you'd thank me. *spit* Go back to yar mummy... She must have been fucked by a drunk troll and pissed ya out! HAR HAR HAR!

On these... flowery... words, he disappears behind his walls. You hear him and his guards laugh loudly.


It didn't turn out so well... But you learned a few insults in the process.