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"Björn Headcleaver"
Panel Bjorn

Björn Headcleaver is a character in Dead In Vinland and the main antagonist of the game.

Description[ | ]

Björn is a giant monster of muscles and hate. And he’s the self-appointed “ruler” of the island our poor vikings landed on…

We don’t know much about his past. In fact, no one dared to ask him directly. The rumors say that his mom and sisters were raped then slaughtered in front of him by a band of pirates, who spared his life because they could have a good price on a strong boy like this on the slave market. He was purchased by a mercenary band leader, who beat him up daily and occasionally raped him. Despite a life of sufferings, he survived and grew stronger, learning from the vilest, cruelest warriors there were. When he felt ready, he killed them all and kept their skulls in a morbid collection, which gave him his nickname.

Since then, he devoted his life to increase his collection, and make others suffer as much as him.

After a random raid on a norse village, he ended up in a terrible storm and crashed on the island, long before Eirik and his family. He sliced in two half of the people who lived there before him, and subdued to his rule the other half.

Details[ | ]

Björn and his raiders arrive at the family's shelter on the afternoon of the second day.

Bjorns Arrival

A few of his raiders will attack the family before Björn himself enters the conflict. He'll prove too strong for the family and, after their defeat, proclaim that they must pay him tribute. After this encounter, the family may stumble upon some of Björn's raiders while exploring the island.

Björn has an Animosity level. It functions similarly to the relationship mechanic: choices you make raise or lower it.

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