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Event Picture

This is a Volcano exploration event.

Inspect[ | ]

You notice quite a big heap of ash. Obviously, many fire were lit at this place, and you can still see some burnt out piece of wood.

Check The Ashes[ | ]

You linger around those ashes, they may have something to reveal to you...

Inspect the ground (Wisdom)
Failure: (nothing happens)
Success: The ashes might not have anything specific, but they're covering something much more interesting. By scattering some of them, you notice traces on the ground: there are some runes written with chalk and laid out as a circle. In the centre of it, according to the ashes, there must have been a burning fire. Could this be some sort of ritual place?
Search the ground x1 (Scavenging)
You spread the ashes and you end up finding remains of cut stone. Moreover, a slight smell of fish comes to you, probably due to a meal that was cooked here before.
+ Stone Stones

Light The Fire (x1)[ | ]

The writings on the ground intrigue you and you decide to light a fire to reproduce the aforementioned ritual. So, you place the wood at the centre of the runes circle. After grabbing two stones, you hit them against one another until you make sparks that ignite the tinder fungus. A strong fire appears in no time at all! What kind of witchcraft is this? You feel the air densify around you.

Perform The Ritual[ | ]

Relevant skills: Cooking

Now the the fire is burning, you have to complete the ritual, but truth be told, you have no idea what you're supposed to do. You're just going to have to experiment until something happens.

Throw a fish (Needs 1 Fish, once per game)
You take a fish that you throw into the fire. Nothing special happens, but after a few minutes a nice smell comes to your nostrils. You may not have succeeded the ritual, but now you have fried fish!
+Fried Fish Fried Fish
+ 5 Cooking
Throw a stone (Needs 1 Stone)
You throw a stone in the fire. It starts to crackle greatly, and blue sprays of flames quickly appear before they disappear right away. Clearly, you're on the right track, but that doesn't seem to be enough. You need to add something else.
(asks for others ingredients see next)
Throw some fabric (Needs 1 Fabric)
You throw a piece of fabric in the fire that consumes it greedily. Nothing special happens...
Throw nothing
You got nothing to throw in the fire. (nothing happens, repeatable)

(After throwing a stone)

Throw some wood
You throw a piece of wood in the fire, that gets hungrily eaten by the flames. Nothing special happens.
Throw some salt
Although it's a crazy idea, you decide to add some salt to the fire. New blue flames, way bigger than the first time, rise up in the fire. Then, all of a sudden, the fire dies abruptly, for no visible reason.
Then, in the ashes, you notice the appearance of a small tablet with some runes written on it.
+Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge
Throw some fabric (Needs 1 Fabric)
Throw nothing