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Event Picture

This is a Forest exploration event. It can occur once per playthrough and offers the chance to acquire Orichalcum Bead Orichalcum Bead and Sage Powder Sage Powder.

Examine the bowl[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Intelligence

Use fire crystal[ | ]

Can be done after Examine the bowl.

Drink[ | ]

Can be done after Use Fire Crystal.

Relevant Skills: Courage,

  • Drink black liquid
    • Courage test
      • Failure -> +Injury Injury
      • Success -> -Depression Depression, Drink again (Can pick other character)
  • Go away ->???

Drink (again)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Constitution

  • Drink white liquid
    • Constitution test
      • Success -> -Sickness Sickness, Drink again (Can pick other character)

Drink (again)[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Wisdom

  • Drink gold liquid
    • Wisdom test
      • Success -> - Fatigue Fatigue, Drink again (Can pick other character)

Drink gray liquid[ | ]

+Sickness Sickness

Inhale the red fumes[ | ]

Relevant Skills: Intelligence