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Abandoned Cauldron

This is a Forest exploration event. It offers the chance to get Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge, Cooked Meal Cooked Meal and Foul Smelling Potion Foul Smelling Potion. The participating survivor can also receive the positive trait Special Trait Icon Strong Will or Special Trait Icon Unselfish permanently. They risk gaining some Sickness Sickness and the disease Disease Nausea temporarily.

Inspect[ | ]

It's a metal pot with a lot of food inside. It doesn't look tasty, and the smell coming from it indicates that it's been here for a while.

Eat Some[ | ]

You take the risk to taste what's in it. And even though you were expecting the worst, you're quite surprised. It's not bad! And that's great, because your stomach is empty, so you have a little more. Then, all of a sudden, while you've just finished your meal, you hear some whispers "Eat me". You look around, but no one's there. However, the voices keep whispering in your ear. That's strange.
-Hunger Hunger

Ignore Voices
Despite what the voices are saying, you don't eat anymore and you decide to bring some to the camp. Eating something nice will cheer everyone up tonight, you're sure of it! This puts you in a good mood.
+4-5 Cooked MealCooked Meal
+Special Trait IconUnselfish
Listen to The Voices
You could have brought some of it for the others but.... Too bad for them. They should have brought their asses over there with you. Thus, you do what the voices are telling you to do: eat. And you can't stop stuffing yourself. You eat more, more more, way too much, until you get sick and nauseous... That makes the voices go silent, and the spell they had on you stops. You back to the camp, sick. This will teach you to be selfish...
+Disease Nausea for 1 day.
+Sickness Sickness

Check surroundings (Intelligence, Hunting)[ | ]

While you walk around, you make a grim discovery: several corpses are covering the ground. But the most surprising thing about them is the way they died. They were force-fed: their bodies are huge, and their skin is so stretched they seem to be about to explode. Some of them still have food in their mouth while their eyes are contorted. This makes your blood turn to ice. What could have pushed them to eat until they died? There's something else bothering you: some were ripped open and their guts are on the ground. Ugh... Was this an animal's doing? No, the cut is too clean, you suspect this was done by Björn's soldiers. Suddenly, you hear voices whispering to you: "Open me". You look around, no one, but you can see a corpse with a swollen belly, still intact. The whispers don't stop. You have to... Open it? You look at your hand, and you see there's a sharp knife in it. How long have you been holding it?!

No Way. (Intelligence)
You throw the knife far away. No, you won't do it! You really don't understand what's going on in here, but you're not opening this corpse's belly, there's no way.
+ Wisdom experience.
+Special Trait Icon Strong Will for 3 to 5 days.
Listen to the Voices. (Hunting)
In the process of ripping the corpse open, guts splatter your face. You're not feeling well, and this makes you puke. The voices go silent abruptly, and after a few seconds, you finally realise what you were doing.:You're upset because you were not conscious, and you feel depressed because of that.
+Disease icon Vomiting
+Depression Depression
The blade sinks into the corpse's flesh and slides along his abdomen, with ease. Once the belly's open, you search through his innards for an unknown reason and you end up finding a blood-covered object. The voices go silent, and after a few seconds, you finally realize what you've done. You're upset because you were not conscious.
+Special Trait Icon Dizzy for 8 days.
+Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge
+Foul Smelling Potion Foul Smelling Potion
+Worms Poultice Worms Poultice